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Astronomers spot farthest known object in our solar system

Astronomers have spotted the farthest known object in our solar system — and they’ve nicknamed the pink cosmic body “Farout.” The International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center announced the discovery Monday. “Farout” is about 120 astronomical units away, which is 120 times the distance between Earth and the sun, or …

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How to make your Christmas more environmentally friendly

Christmas is a time of celebration, but once the party’s over, plenty of garbage is hauled to the curb. Environmental group Zero Waste Canada estimates that from mid-November to mid-January, the average Canadian generates about 25 per cent more trash than during the rest of the year. The reason: people …

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Egypt unveils ‘one of a kind,’ 4,400-year-old tomb

Egypt unveiled a well-preserved 4,400-year-old tomb decorated with hieroglyphs and statues south of Cairo on Saturday, and officials expect more discoveries when archaeologists excavate the site further in coming months. The tomb was found in a buried ridge at the ancient necropolis of Saqqara. It was untouched and unlooted, Mostafa …

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Alberta Beach ice quake mystery solved

Researchers at the University of Alberta worked for almost a year to solve a riddle. What caused lake ice to shatter so violently on New Year’s Day that it damaged homes in three central Alberta beach communities? On Jan. 1, 2018, residents of Alberta Beach on Lac Ste. Anne, northwest …

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