Catriona Gray on what it takes to be healthy inside and out

AFTER her iconic Miss Universe 2018 win, Catriona Gray continues to thrive as a host, musician, model and an advocate of women empowerment and mental health concerns, among other causes. In these endeavors she never fails to showcase not just her beauty, intelligence or talent but more importantly, her good heart, resulting to many women looking up to her. But how does she do it all?

At her launch as the latest endorser of vitamin brand Myra E, she revealed, “It's really about one, just believing in yourself. I know we've heard it all before but it's true, if you don't believe in yourself you'll never try. Second is that you have to embrace failure because I know we've all failed on one way or another in our pursuit of something and it's never for a no reason. There's always been things that I've learned in my failures so it allowed me to just go after what I want with this new drive and passion for what I do. And then third is just time management,” she added.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray takes her physical and mental health seriously.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray takes her physical and mental health seriously.

But even if her schedule is packed these days with several commitments, the 28-year-old was able maintain her skin's glow and, consequently, her confidence. She believes this is a result of her putting effort to keep her immune system up.

“Even experiencing work days that are sobrang mahaba, walang tulog, or kulang sa rest, I'm really still able to have energy and keep my immune system up. In fact, for this whole pandemic, I've never had once Covid-19 and I'm hoping to never experiencing that even if I was very much working out on the community and traveling. I attribute it to looking after my immune system and really just being safe and just doing that holistic approach to looking after myself,” she continued.

Self-care is also a practice that Gray could not emphasize enough.

“I don't think I prioritized my health to the extent that I do now. I think I've really taken an intentional effort to really learn about good health care and what it really means to truly take care of myself in terms of beauty or even in self care. It's more about how I can really equip my body with the best means to really allow myself to function at my highest capacity.

“During the pandemic I think everyone can agree that it wasn't a time we can just hide from it all. A lot of us are working and not going out is not really an option from a lot of women. So really just looking for myself in terms of self care was really giving me and my body what it needs to help my immunity function at the highest level. Self care sounds like a large undertaking that many of us think don't have the time do but as simple as taking vitamins and at least eight hours of sleep everyday can do wonders.”

Finally, Gray reminded that overall wellness also includes self compassion. This is just as important in this age of social media, where it can be easy for users to compare their lives to that of others.

“Remind yourself that you shouldn't compare what your everyday reality is to what you see online because it's not the most vulnerable moments. It's not the everyday moments that people usually put out there. This has been quite a challenging period so give yourself grace,” Gray ended.

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