Celeste Cortesi reveals details on Miss Universe 2022 walk, hairstyle

MANILA, Philippines — Celeste Cortesi teased a few details on her gown and hairdo during the coronation night at the 71st Miss Universe tomorrow, January 15 (Manila time) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

She said she has a new gown that people should watch out for. Her pasarela is also something to take note of.

"I'm gonna have a new gown for finals. The gown is gonna be different, a little bit of a different color as well. We really wanted to leave the best for last," she said to ABS-CBN's Dyan Castillejo.

Celeste wore a blue sparkling gown by Oliver Tolentino at Thursday's preliminary competition.

"My posing and my walk is gonna be a little bit different. I always want to have, you know, a very strong walk. I really want to go on stage having fun, not thinking about anything, not even thinking about the technique or anything. I just want to walk out there and do posing, enjoy the moment," she added.

For those who are wondering if she'll do a bun or let her wavy hair loose, Celeste said it will be both.

"We'll do hair down and hair up," she shared.

"I'm telling myself that I worked so hard. I really prepared for this so I just have to go out there and really enjoy the moment because, you know, God will do the rest. Miss Universe is a destiny and I just want to enjoy every single step on the stage and it's just one chance in a lifetime and I really have to have fun when I'm on stage. We will see what's gonna happen," she said. — Video from Dyan Castillejo YouTube channel

WATCH: Celeste Cortesi reveals details on her gown, walk

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