Christian Bautista marks 20th year with ‘serenade concert’

Asia's Romantic Balladeer, Christian Bautista, kicks off the new year with a treat for fans — an upcoming “serenade concert” to celebrate his 20 years on the music scene.

“With the wonderful music of the Manila Symphony Orchestra, we'll be remembering and celebrating the years of music we've had together and thanking [everyone who supprted me],” Bautista said in an interview with Music Geek.

‘Asia’s Romantic Balladeer’ Christian Bautista

‘Asia’s Romantic Balladeer’ Christian Bautista

“The Way You Look At Me: 20th Anniversary Concert” will be held at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater in Circuit Makati on January 28 at 8 p.m.

As the title suggests, the show will be a special celebration of the OPM artist's two decades in the music industry where he will serenade fans with his songs from the early days of his career up to now.

It has been a fruitful 20 years for Christian Bautista in the showbiz industry. People first got a glimpse of Bautista as a contestant in Star In A Million, a Philippine reality show aired on ABS-CBN. He won 4th place in the competition in 2003.

After the contest, he signed a recording contract with Warner Music Philippines and released his first self-titled debut album which earned a multi-platinum record award.

This established his name in the OPM industry and made his songs “The Way You Look At Me,” “Color Everywhere,” and “Hands to Heaven” into classic hits. It also paved the way for the singer's popularity not just in the Philippines, but in Southeast Asian countries as well, mainly in Indonesia. Christian eventually transitioned to being a regular in ABS-CBN's variety show “ASAP.”

In 2011, he was tapped to star in a musical series, called the “Kitchen Musical” which aired all the Asian network AXN, with fellow Stages talent, Karylle, and other Asian and Filipino talents in Singapore.

In March 2013, the singer transferred to GMA Network and is now running nine years with the management. He remains a regular on “AOS,” and as a mainstay pillar judge in the singing competition show called “The Clash.”

In his 20 years in the business, Bautista remains true to his musical core and continues to evolve as a performer. Not only is he singing on stage to the delight of the audience, he has also started writing and/or producing tracks including “Kapit” and Jessica Villarubin's “Ako Naman,” which won an Awit award in 2022.

Here's more of Music Geek's interview with Asia's Romantic Balladeer:

Through the years, what's the best feedback you've had on your music?

The best feedback I've had was when some of my songs were linked to a specific memory. Whether it be a wedding proposal, break up, or helping them move on. It simply means that the music aids them or helps them cope with whatever they are currently dealing with.

What stands out in your memory about your 20-year journey?

It was still the first time that I went to Indonesia. Sang to an Indonesian audience and to hear them sing along, to sing The Way You Look At Me, back at me, that's unforgettable.

What song would you rather not sing?

Nothing. I'd be open to sing any song.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned about love, life, and your career?

Love is a choice. To choose love every day. Life and career will always have ups and downs. You just have to keep on moving forward.

If you could travel back in time, what chapter of your career would you want to relive?

If I could travel back in time, maybe the first year, just to see what changes I can do to improve or to make things faster.

Is it harder to please a Pinoy or foreign audience, having performed many times abroad?

Most audiences are the same. They just really have to see your heart and the work that you put in. That means your performance really has to be good, and they will respond properly.

After 20 years in the industry, what else do you wish to accomplish?

I would love to open new doors to more artists as well.

What do you love most about performing live? About recording a single or an album?

About performing live, I love the energy of the audience — the energy they give and the energy that I receive. In recording for a single or an album, I love the silence, the focus and the concentration of putting everything you have into one record. Even if you're alone, you know that it will reach millions.


Tickets to “The Way You Look At Me: 20th Anniversary Concert” are available now available at TicketWorld. Tickets are priced at P4,635, P4,120, P3,502, P3,090, P2,678, and P2,266. Visit or call 8891-9999.

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