Darren Espanto gets honest in “What Would You Do” challenge

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Pop heartthrob Darren Espanto believes the right person for him is someone who would wait for him if ever he suffered diarrhea while on a date.

Espanto was put on the spotlight on MYX’s “What Would You Do” challenge, answering several funny questions including a tummy problem while dating his all-time crush.

“’Yong tamang tao para sa’yo, ‘pag nagka-LBM problems ka, maghihintay ‘yan,” he said.

The singer, who laughed when he heard the scenario, would also be flattered if his date decided to wait for him while he excused himself to go to the restroom.

When asked about what he would do if someone compliments him about a song that is not his, he said he usually tells that person who the original artist is without making that fan feel uncomfortable.

Espanto admitted he experienced it many times but was not offended by it. “You just got to be prepared, you should learn how to take things lightly.”

The “Total Performer” also bared his technique whenever he forgets a step or lyrics while performing.

Speaking from experience, Espanto shared that if singing with a live band, he would ask them to repeat the song from the top.

At times, he would also ask the crowd the next line in the lyrics, and enjoys whenever they would answer with the exact words.

When dancing, Espanto said he would just jam to the beat of the song and pretend to hype the crowd if he misses a few steps.

“The show just goes on and I just laugh it off,” he continued.

Espanto went on to say he feels shy and is hesitant whenever he is offered special treatment, explaining he is also a normal person despite being a celebrity.

The “ASAP Natin To” mainstay would also find it funny if a random person came up to him and told him they are close friends.

Espanto said he would initially play along for few minutes, especially if it happens during the pandemic and everyone is wearing masks and face shields. However, he would not hesitate to deny knowing a rude person.

The singer and “The Voice Kids” alumnus is the MYX Headliner for the month of April.

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