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BTS' V shows how he brushes his pearls

Dentiste, the no. 1 premium oral care in South Korea.

Dentiste, the no. 1 premium oral care in South Korea.

Fans of “In The Soop: Friendcation” caught a glimpse of the real-life friendship between BTS member V, actors Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, Park Hyung Sik, and rapper Peakboy. The four-part series depicted the group's adventures in Goseong, located in South Korea's Gangwon province.

From grocery shopping to matching pajamas, to even their personal hygiene – the crew followed the group of friends around as they made the most out of their rare trip together from dusk to dawn. At the time of filming, the boys shared that the last trip they went on together was in 2018, before Park Hyung Sik rendered his mandatory military service.



In one of the episodes, V was spotted brushing his teeth with a toothpaste that comes in a seemingly familiar green and white tube, which premium Asian oral care brand Dentiste is known for. Other K-Pop stars spotted using Dentiste include Blackpink's Lisa and fellow BTS members Jungkook and Jimin.

Dentiste has gained immense popularity in South Korea as the no. 1 premium oral care in the country, as well as in Japan, and Thailand through its specialized toothpastes as well as its wide range of dental products formulated with natural ingredients. The good news is that Dentiste is available in the Philippines.

Its proprietary product and bestseller is the Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste, which users swear by for its effectiveness in preventing morning breath. Packed with 14 natural extracts (including peppermint, sage, and eucalyptus) and free from harsh chemicals, it inhibits the growth of bacteria resulting in fresh, odor-free mornings.

Vloggers talk about 'pangingilo' and how to avoid it

Tiktok star AC Soriano spark conversation and inspire others to take control of their sensitivity triggers.

Tiktok star AC Soriano spark conversation and inspire others to take control of their sensitivity triggers.

Nine out of ten Filipinos today experience sensitivity, which manifests as a sudden, acute pain in the gums and teeth. This is generally induced by hot or cold food. Even if the unpleasant experience is just momentary, it may be rather annoying and prevent us from enjoying life's basic pleasures.

This is especially true considering that sometimes all it takes to make a terrible day better is a cup of coffee or a scoop of ice cream.

In addressing teeth sensitivity, most would choose to bear with the pain or settle for short-term solutions.

Taking a proactive approach to preventing teeth sensitivity is better than having your guard up all the time and thankfully, keeping it in check is now possible.

For an effective, lasting, and pain-free solution to teeth sensitivity, use the all-new Listerine Total Care Sensitive.

With the help of Tiktok stars Sassa Gurl and AC Soriano, Listerine was able to trigger thousands of reactions from sensitive sufferers, fans, and spectators across the Internet.

The goal was to spark conversations on certain matters that are not usually discussed, make more people aware about these topics, and inspire them to take control of their sensitivity triggers.

“Alam niyo kase lahat ng bagay kaya gawan ng paraan. Tulad ng tooth sensitivitiy ko, ginagamitan ko ng Listerine Total Care Sensitive so 'di na ako nangingilo.” Soriano agrees and to the delight of their followers, “Sassa, sorry talaga. Sana talaga una palang nag #Listerine na tayo para hindi ganon ka-sensitive yung nararamdaman natin nung mga araw na yon.”

They both revealed at the end of their comedic online skits how Listerine Total Care Sensitive can help with teeth sensitivity and their followers do not need to worry about “pangingilo” anymore.

Like Sassa and Soriano, Filipinos can now get immediate relief from teeth sensitivity along with lasting oral health protection by rinsing with all-new Listerine Total Care Sensitive.

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