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Diary of a first-time father

SAY CHEESE! — Hajji and Aisa Kaamiño and their four-month-old son Hans Jacob are all smiles as he is christened in a church in Quezon City. (Photo from Hajji Kaamiño)

“There were a lot of adjustments but they were all worth it.”

This was how Hajji Kaamiño, a 33-year-old first-time dad, described his fatherhood journey so far.

Hajji married his girlfriend of eight years Aisa on March 8, 2023. Not long after that, their son Hans Jacob was born on Jan. 30, 2024. This was when everything changed for Hajji.

“I have to balance work, school, and family, plus dapat (you have to be) financially ready,” he said.

“Hindi naman na ako bumabata (I am not getting any younger) so it was just the perfect timing na maging (to become a) dad at my age,” he added.

These changes included his habits. Hajji said he used to play video games for hours but that all changed when Jacob came into their lives.

“I have to assist my wife sa pag-asikaso sa bata. Less expenses na rin sa mga ‘di masyadong kailangan (in taking care of the baby. We also spend less on things we don’t really need),” he said.

“Lagi na akong excited umuwi sa bahay (Now, I am always excited to go home),” he added.

Getting there

Hajji said they weren’t prepared for Aisa’s pregnancy but welcomed it with open arms.

“Our initial plan was to wait for at least a year to enjoy married life but God has other plans,” he said.

“I was willing to give up other things. Since then, my priorities have changed,” he added.

Hajji was also grateful that Aisa’s pregnancy was not complicated which them all the more excited for Jacob’s arrival.

THE FIRST TIME — Hajji Kaamiño holds his son Hans Jacob for the first time after he came out of the delivery room on Jan. 30, 2024. (Hajji Kaamiño)

Though he was nervous at the time, Hajji described the moment he first held his son as one filled with joy.

“Takot akong mabitawan si Jacob kasi hindi ako sanay magkarga ng bata, unlike my wife na sa mga pamangkin pa lang trained na (I was afraid that I might drop Jacob because I’m not used to it unlike my wife who had “training with her nieces and nephews),” he said.

“But that moment when I saw Jacob coming out of the delivery room, I felt his innocence and there was pure joy,” he added.

For Jacob and Aisa

Hajji said he wants his son Jacob to have a strong faith in God.

“Yung bawat decision na gagawin niya sa buhay, dapat God-centered (Every decision he makes has to be God-centered),” he said.

“Tsaka hindi man laging the best (I don’t mind if he’s not always the best but), always be good and have compassion,” he added.

Hajji also said that he wanted to instill discipline in Jacob, something he got from his parents.

Above all else, Hajji said he would always choose his family.

“I will always choose you above all things. Thank you for making me the happiest dad in the world. I’ll never get tired of loving and taking care of you,” he said.

Advice to other first-time dads

To Hajji, being a good father must be present as fatherhood is more than just providing financial support.

“I believe that a good father never leaves his family behind. As the pillar, he leads and guides the family,” he said.

“He admits mistakes and corrects them, respects and collaborates with his wife in every decision that he makes,” he added.

Hajji likewise reminded his fellow first-time fathers to be responsible.

“Be responsible. Huwag matakot na harapin yung buhay ng pagiging tatay (Don’t be afraid to face fatherhood),” he said.

“There will be a lot of adjustments, but it’s all worth it,” he added.

More loving and responsible

To Aisa, Hajji has become more loving and responsible since their son was born and made sure to spend time with Jacob. She was also impressed by how fast Hajji overcame his fear of carrying babies.

“He was always there to support and help me take care of our son. Despite being busy with his work as a reporter, he makes sure to assist me in taking care of our son when he arrives from work— from washing Jacob’s bottles, cradling him, and feeding him,” she said.

“He used to play video games every day but since Jacob was born, he now prefers to take care of him instead of playing. He also became more diligent in his work to provide our daily needs, especially Jacob’s,” she added.

Aisa has this message for Hajji this Father’s Day: “Thank you for everything! You may be tired from work but you always make sure to have time to help me to take care of Jacob. I am thankful to God for giving me a loving and responsible husband and a great father to our son.”

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