Did Julia Barretto lie about eating ‘isaw’? Netizens find old videos to remind her

Screenshot from Gerald Anderson's vlog and Jendo Tagupa's video

It appears that nothing escapes the sharp memory of netizens especially when it concerns celebrities.

Julia Barretto was once again a hot topic on social media after some netizens resurfaced a video clip of the actress eating “isaw” or chicken intestine with her former onscreen partner Ronnie Alonte.

The video seemed to invalidate Barretto’s claim on her boyfriend Gerald Anderson's vlog that she has never tasted it before.

On a vlog uploaded last month, Anderson let Barretto sample several Pinoy street food like isaw, coated quail eggs, and unripe mangoes.

The actor asked his girlfriend if she ever tried eating "isaw" before which Julia denied.

“Never, ever…only for you,” Barretto quipped.

Julia suddenly don’t know ✨ISAW✨ pic.twitter.com/sC7i0UIuF7

— 𝐃𝐨𝐦🧸|| Busy reading AU (@MewUniverse_KN) May 26, 2021

But netizens found several clips of the actress eating the street food before which prompted some social media users to accuse Barretto of lying.

“Julia Barretto's #IsawGate has me rolling… Sis why LIE ABOUT ISAW???,” one netizen asked.

Barretto was also seen tasting "isaw" in an episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice” with actor Enrique Gil.

“Julia Barretto’s selective memory simply said. Isaw who,” another user tweeted.

“Gaano ba kasarap yung isaw na kinain ni Julia Barretto nung 2016 at nagka amnesia siya bigla sa vlog ni Gerald?” a Twitter user commented.

Meanwhile, some fans defended Barretto, saying the actress might have forgotten past instances of eating "isaw."

Last March, Anderson finally opened up about his relationship with Barretto after more than a year of speculation.

Since then, the couple has been posting photos and videos of them together on social media which includes guesting on each other’s YouTube channel.

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