Did you know that there’s a pottery studio in Zambales?

Pottery and more with Clay Avenue’s Mia Casal

When we hear the word Zambales, as Filipinos, some of the things that might come first to our mind is the province’s beautiful beach destinations and their sweet mangoes.

Unknown to many, this place can also be a home for art enthusiasts, especially for those who wanted to learn about the art of pottery.

Located at the town of San Narciso, Zambales, one can found a humble pottery studio named Clay Avenue. This is owned by artist Mia Casal who has been mastering this craft for more than two decades.

In an interview with the members of the media during the NLEX’s Lakbay Norte event in Zambales, Mia shares with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle that before pandemic happened, her studio was holding pottery classes.

“People were still inquiring during the pandemic but I had to turn them down,” she says.

Now that the restrictions are easing, Mia shares that she will soon again open her studio to the public. But she admits that learning pottery and enrolling to the classes are not something everyone can afford. As an artist, she says that pottery should be included or taught in academic curriculum if we want to promote this form of art more especially, among the youth.

“Workshops are not enough. Workshops are very expensive. Workshops can only be afford by those who can afford it. But how about the people who are in the poverty level?,” she says. “There should be a school per province that will teach this. If every town can do it, better. But if not, at least one in every province. But the availability of the materials should be there. It should be a collaboration by various organizations. It can be done. Nothing is impossible.”

When asked about what makes Zambales pottery products unique, Mia says that she’s incorporating the black sand from Zambales beaches—giving her works a distinctive crystal-like freckles.

For those who are interested to attend Mia’ class, you may reach send a message on her Instagram account where you can also check her works and order some that you like.

San Narciso Zambales is a four-hour travel from Metro Manila if you will pass by NLEX.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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