Dimples Romana on nurturing a healthy marriage

She is one of daytime drama's beloved queens and, thankfully, the true queen of her home, too. Whether she portrays a goody-goody or a villain in her successful string of teleseryes, noted actress Dimples Romana is consistent in her role at home. That of being a devoted wife to her husband Boyet Ahmee and doting mother to their two children, with another one on the way.

In fact, Dimples just celebrated what many couples today can only pray to achieve — 19 blissful years of marriage.

But should she have the chance to correct this article, she would scratch out the “blissful” part and most likely replace the word with a more truthful and realistic “healthy” description of her marriage, as well as her overall family life. Dimples Romana and her husband Boyet

“My husband and I would never look at our marriage as a perfect one, and I think that's the key,” the beloved and be-dimpled star admitted at an online event where Generika Drugstore brand named her their latest endorser.

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“Willing po ako mag-share ng marital advice, and the most important one I can give you is that you should never have unrealistic expectations of your spouses. We're always bound to make mistakes and change as people,” Romana humbly but wisely imparted.

Despite their eight year age gap, the teleserye star and her husband Boyet Ahmee are going strong by keeping in mind ‘preventive’ ways to prevent their marriage from falling ill. INSTAGTAM PHOTO/DIMPLES ROMANA

Despite their eight year age gap, the teleserye star and her husband Boyet Ahmee are going strong by keeping in mind ‘preventive’ ways to prevent their marriage from falling ill. INSTAGTAM PHOTO/DIMPLES ROMANA

She explained she realized over the course of her relationship with Ahmee that change should never threaten any couple and that the best way to deal with it is to consider it the other person's growth.

“Dapat yung kapag sinabing 'nagbago ka na,' it should be looked upon as something positive because we are all supposed to grow no matter what age we are.”

Doing what she does best, Romana smoothly translated the topic at hand to the host of her latest tete-a-tete with showbiz media.

Likening the situation of marital problems to an ailment, she chuckled, “May gamot din yan eh. For example, nilalagnat ka, konting yakap sa asawa mo. Kung inuubo sya, bigyan ng maraming tubig.

“Kadalasan ang asawa natin, inuubo lang yan kapag may gustong i-add to cart or i-check out,” she laughed louder. “Nagkakasakit bigla kapag may gustong bilhin kaya siyempre, dahil 'may sakit' siya ibigay mo na diba?”

Easy as marriage sounds for Romana, most fans would be surprised she probably had double or triple the adjustments to make in her relationship since she is eight years younger than her husband and had always been her own family's breadwinner.

“Malayo yung agwat ng aming edad,” she revealed, thereafter crediting Ahmee too for their marriage's success.

Sharing how Ahmee once told her he has learned to drink water when he knows he is about to say something disagreeable to her, Romana guaranteed it is a great technique to consider among couples. Apparently, to nip misunderstandings in the bud as best he could, Ahmee kept sipping at his water until he eventually forgot what could lead to hurting her.

“That's why I also say that for us, marriage is not about give and take; it's about giving and giving.”

Just like preventative vitamins or medicines, Romana guarantees that such a mindset would help either person in a relationship fall into selfishness.

“Ang asawa ko, masyado niya akong pinag bibigyan and he's been an amazing father to his children. Ako nga, I cannot say I'm a hands-on parent kasi lagi akong nasa teleserye but I try my best na lagi siyang unahin at ang mga anak namin whenever they need me to be present as wife and mother.”

The ever self-effacing Romana eventually said that the tips she shared all boil down to respect for one another.

“And hindi lang siya gamot para sa personal relationships natin tulad ng marriage but sa lahat lahat.”

She elaborated, “Respeto sa katrabaho, respeto sa sarili. respeto sa industriya. Kasi yung pagmamahal follows na rin if you respect someone, and you respect the people that you work with. Tulad ng Generika, para sa lahat, walang pinipili.”

* * *

Ensuring 'ginhawa' for the whole family

Frequently when Filipinos feel unwell, they don't go directly to consult with a doctor; more so, going into a drugstore to buy medicine because everything is just too pricey for the average Filipino. The end goal is to feel “ginhawa:” a Filipino term that encompasses comfort, relief or peace of mind. But more often than not, to experience this “ginhawa,” entails having to spend a lot.

Fortunately, there is an option in Generika Drugstore that continuously serves its social purpose to provide access to quality and affordable healthcare to Filipino families.

“Ginhawang Generika: Abot-Kaya at Dekalidad na Gamot, Para sa Lahat” is indeed what everyone needs during these times. With the supply of medicine becoming, the company has proudly been able to keep up with the challenging demand to keep families healthy.

As Generika President, CEO and lawyer Josette Abarca at actress Dimples Romana's digital launch as brand endorser, “We have generic equivalents for those branded medicines and have ample supply for them. If the generic counterpart has gone through the required FDA approval, the difference is just in the brand name. The efficacy is the same since the active ingredients are the same.”

Going beyond medicine, Generika also offers Plus Services such as Libreng Konsulta with Partner Doctors, a service that provides free medical consultations onsite or through the phone, free BP Monitoring and scheduled basic diagnostic services with mobile laboratory-partners. With every transaction, customers are also given a Gamot Guide or a printed reminder on the proper intake of the medicine.

For those who are constrained from getting out of their homes, Ginhawang Generika takes on convenience with its official mobile app, which can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Finally asked to comment on Romana's appointment as brand ambassador, the top executive finally said, “We've seen Dimples' desire and drive to take care of her family just like how we are committed to taking care of its customers and their families. Being the dedicated mom that she is, she will surely be effective in more Filipinos to join the cause of our brand which is to provide much more than the medical needs for Filipinos, but also give customers the proper care and relief that they truly deserve.

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net

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