Diplomacy and dialogue

The purpose of diplomacy used to complete a specific agenda affects international affairs by placing matters in order for without it, the world will be in a constant state of war. We like very much to hear about good governance and rightfully so, as this is a measure of how public institutions manage and conduct public affairs. Little do people understand that diplomacy too is an instrument of good governance as it adheres to the use of good communication and negotiation in the international sphere.

Diplomacy is influenced by many interrelated factors that may sometimes be a result of complicated combinations. Diplomacy has existed since the very beginning of the human race where two persons find themselves negotiating on different matters. Diplomacy is used in every part of the world and the main functions of it are essential in creating peaceful and effective change.

As its first function, diplomacy is used to represent a state’s interest and conduct negotiations and discussions to identify common interests, as well as areas of differences, with the purpose of achieving the state’s goals and avoid conflict. When two persons or two nations enter into negotiations, it becomes an opportunity for both parties to find a common interest that is vital in conducting negotiations and devise solutions. The question to ask therefore is, does diplomacy include dialogue and is dialogue a means to resolve conflict?

The answer is yes, as it is a peaceful way in discussing points of contention. Dialogue in diplomacy is all about peace building and it requires parties to reflect and be willing to participate in a process. The biggest word one can ever use when it comes to dialogue is empathy as without this, all would be considered as just a waste of time. Diplomacy and dialogue go hand in hand – in fact, some studies say that dialogue is diplomacy.

The interdependence of the world is increasing as problems that affect one population can affect the rest of the world. I suppose we can say that this is our international experience during this pandemic. Our present situation calls on the need for diplomacy more than ever. More and more world and economic leaders are called to address global issues in a democratic and non-violent manner. As good governance provides the basis for international agendas, dialogue will always be a way towards peace.

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