DOTr adds buses on EDSA Busway

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) is eyeing the addition of buses to the EDSA Busway (the EDSA Carousel system) as part of measures to ease traffic congestion in Metro Manila, according to Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista.

It is the objective of the DOTr to require bus operators with units running on the EDSA Busway to field 100 percent of their units to serve the transport needs of bus commuters in EDSA.

As such, the additional buses to be deployed on the EDSA Busway will come from the fleet of 550 number of authorized units (NAUs) in the EDSA Busway system.

To date, out of the 550 NAUs, an average of 406 units operate daily on the EDSA Busway.

Compliance of bus operators with the DOTR requirement for them to field 100 percent of their bus fleets on the EDSA Busway will mean the addition of 50 to 100 buses to the number currently on the bus line.

More buses on the EDSA Busway will mean “more efficient and more convenient transport service” for residents and workers in Metro Manila who ride these buses daily.

The DOTr remains committed to providing Filipino commuters with safe, reliable, and efficient transport modes especially now with the transition to the new normal.

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