‘Drag Race Philippines’ host Paolo Ballesteros shares tips for long-lasting falsies, holiday look

MANILA, Philippines — Apart from the trending challenges and controversial critiques, viewers of the hit reality show "Drag Race Philippines" must be wondering how the queens manage to put on stunning looks.

Judge and host Paolo Ballesteros shared several tips to Philstar.com on how to achieve long-lasting makeup and falsies for those runway-ready looks.

The "Eat Bulaga!" host shared the usual advice most skincare enthusiasts have been doing for his first few steps. These include:

  • washing the face to get rid of dirt and oil
  • and using a toner and moisturizer before applying the makeup.

Paolo, however, is not a fan of multi-step skincare because of practicality as someone who lives in the humid tropics.

"I'm not really a fan of napakadaming moisturizers or 'skincare' before makeup like we see on YouTube and dito din sa atin with photo shoots ng mga artista kasi it's very humid dito sa Pilipinas. Kusa na mag-produce ng oil ang face naten especially if we are going to party the night away," he explained.

The next step would be putting on the foundation because this serves as the base of the makeup. Afterwards, set it with powder.

"Tip is anything na ilagay sa face na cream or liquid, you always have to set it with powder para hindi na gumalaw ung product," he added.

One can proceed with putting on the blush and highlighter and set all of these with a setting spray. He shared a surprising tip as alternative for a setting spray.

"If wala, you can use hairspray. Haha. That's what I use when I do drag," Paolo revealed.

Those who wonder how false eyelashes or falsies stay for a long time on the lash without them falling off immediately, Paolo shared that a lash glue will do the trick.

"The best way for me, when I do drag is I also apply lash glue on my lashline where the falsies are going to be placed para mas nakadikit," he said.

Paolo also revealed that he rarely gets lash irritations. Instead, his eyes get irritated with the contact lenses he wears especially when he does drag or impersonations because he's not really used to wearing them.

"Kaya I make sure that my lenses are in specific diameter, 'yung butas sa gitna and 'yung kapal. And I always lubricate din as much as I can kasi mahirap din 'pag may long lashes at long nails na. Hehe!"

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