Edible wreaths and lanterns


If these breads look like wreaths and parols (Pampanga-style Christmas lanterns) to you, it is because, yes, they are breads that have been intentionally made to look like Christmas wreaths and parols to help spread Christmas cheer despite the pandemic and community quarantine.

There will be no grand celebrations this year, so company Christmas parties are not likely to take place, and since classes have been confined to online sessions and modules, schoolchildren are definitely not having their usual annual Christmas parties either. So, with what small gatherings we are allowed and given our limited resources, we have to find creative ways to celebrate and share some holiday greetings.

For Midnight Bakers, an online bakeshop that delivers more than 50 varieties of breads and pastries around Metro Manila and its surrounding cities and municipalities, the way to do it is to come up with a festive Christmas bread collection that takes on the shapes of Christmas wreaths and parols. Creative yet conservative, innovative yet familiar, the collection is made up of two “wreaths” and two “parols”— Christmas Wreath, Sausage Wreath, Ube Parol and Chocolate Parol.

The Christmas Wreath is Midnight Bakers’ answer to the usual loaf-shaped fruit cake closely associated with the festive season. It is round like a wreath but without a hole in the middle, with glazed fruit bits mixed into the bread dough then baked. A bright red fondant “snowflake” crowns the bread. Priced at P260, it is basically a bread but has the subtle flavor of a fruit cake. The bright colors of the glazed fruits lend it an even more festive look.

The Sausage Wreath also takes on a round wreath shape, complete with the hole in the middle like a savory Bundt cake. The only savory item in the Christmas collection, it has the bread dough wrapped around a sausage and cheese and molded into a wreath, and then topped with more cheese and crowned with a red fondant snowflake. It sells for P380 per edible wreath because it is really a treat for the palate as much as it is a treat for the eyes.

The two parols — the Ube Parol and the Chocolate Parol — go through a more complicated process, as four layers of dough, spread with ube halaya and chocolate, respectively, are carefully braided from end to end and then shaped into a wreath, with its swirls of ube or chocolate made to simulate designs on a real Christmas lantern. Both have craters in the middle, which are then filled with dried glazed fruits. The glazed fruits add both color and flavor to the edible parols, which are priced at P240 each.

The wreaths and parols make great additions to the Noche Buena table. They also make ideal edible presents for family, relatives, friends, colleagues and clients. But while these Christmas treats are the highlight of Midnight Bakers’ offerings this festive season, the online bakeshop has also made its regular items available for Christmas gift-giving. These include chicken pie, pork and chicken floss bread, Nautilus (nautilus-shaped bread filled generously with ube, cheese and macapuno), coconut strudel, apple bun,turn-overs, croissants, Spanish bread, cinnamon rolls, asado buns and egg yolk cakes. Order these or any of Midnight Bakers’ other regular items and you get to bring home a complimentary Christmas wreath or parol bread — free Ube Parol and one sandwich bread for a Christmas Bread Box worth P1,500; free Chocolate Parol and one sandwich bread for a Christmas Bread Box worth P2,000; free Christmas Wreath and one sandwich bread for a Christmas Bread Box worth P2,500; and free Sausage Wreath and one sandwich bread for a Christmas Bread Box worth P3,000.

Book your orders one day in advance at Midnightbakers 2020 on FB, Midnightbakers 2020 on IG, via utak.io/store/midnightbakers2020 website, or 0917-6267211. Give a three-day allowance for bulk orders, and your orders will be delivered right to your doorstep. It’s a cool and hassle-free way of shopping for your personal gifts and corporate giveaways, plus you get to share the spirit of the season despite the pandemic.

Happy holidays!

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph

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