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Embracing authenticity: Pepsi’s iconic rebrand challenges individuals to become bolder

Societal norms can put significant pressure on people to conform to specific standards. Displaying a more confident version of yourself can be seen as an act of courage, and being authentic requires bravery to differ from the crowd. In today’s world, expressing oneself is not only empowering but also a testament to one’s character strength.

Pepsi has decided to embrace the spirit of authenticity that resonates with the current generation and become even bolder. After fifteen years, Pepsi introduced a new look to mark its next phase in the Philippines.

During the Pepsi Pulse 2023 event, held at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on Oct. 8th, Pepsi unveiled its new logo to keep up with the times and better connect with younger consumers.

The new Pepsi logo unveiled during the Pepsi Pulse 2023

Pepsi’s new logo celebrates its audiences’ embrace of individuality and authenticity. Inspired by previous Pepsi logos, the new design retains the brand’s signature colors of red, blue, and white but with a brighter shade, incorporating a bold “PEPSI” at the center. The addition of a blue and black “pulse” creates a more dynamic visual identity, reflecting the vibrant spirit and energy that Pepsi wants to bring out from their audiences.

The PepsiCo Leads during the press conference at Pepsi Pulse 2023: Ray Philip Pine, marketing director of PepsiCo Philippines Beverages; Nitin Bhandari, general manager of PepsiCo Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore; Steve Romasanta, senior director for Brand Marketing Asia

“Follow your passions, be bold, don’t be afraid to be different. And as what we have said, be your most authentic self, and be loud and proud about it just like our new logo,” Steve Romasanta, senior director for Brand Marketing Asia, shared the message that the brand wanted to convey to their consumers. Overall, the new Pepsi logo represents a bold and modern approach that resonates with the youth, encouraging consumers to embrace their unique selves and be authentic.

As Pepsi revealed its new logo, they invited their celebrity ambassadors to join in celebrating the essence of being unique and authentic with the Pepsi Pulse 2023 campaign. Social media personality Mimiyuuuh shared that Pepsi’s new tagline, “Mas Masarap Maiba,” encourages people to embrace their individuality and feel empowered by their differences.

The Pepsi Pulse 2023 was hosted by Jaz Reyes and Mikee Reyes, joined by Mimiyuuh; along with musical performances from Ace Banzuelo, Mayonnaise, and the Filipino boy group, SB19.

During the event, SB19 emphasized the importance of uniqueness and authenticity as an artist, which helps them stand out in the fast-paced trends of the industry. They compared this to how Pepsi has remained true to itself despite changes in the business industry.

Filipino boy group, SB19, poses at the Pepsi Pulse 2023

The crowd enjoyed the event which concluded with a beautiful fireworks display. You can purchase Pepsi from your nearest supermarket or on leading e-commerce platforms today. You may also follow Pepsi Philippines’ Facebook page for more updates.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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