Emerging home designs for 2023

Working with top designers and industry insiders, Antoine Besseyre Des Horts, Leader (VP), LIXIL Global Design, Asia at LIXIL, shares the standout emerging trends for 2023 that are beginning to impact the real estate sector and the designs of home interiors.

As working from home continues to be the norm for many, people are looking for more convenient yet stylish solutions, especially for their homes. However, new trends will emerge as concerns about global warming arise and the prices of construction materials spike.

We will see greater demand for new home tech solutions to help consumers reduce their water consumption, carbon footprint, and utility bills.

Antoine Besseyre Des Horts

Antoine Besseyre Des Horts

So, what does 2023 hold? Sustainability, inclusivity and innovation are the main areas in interior design where we will see a shift in the next few months.

In 2023, more home products will be designed to enable people to be more sustainable in their daily lives without compromising their experience. In particular, we will continue to see innovations that help reduce plastic and water use.

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Being the main source of water consumption at home, toilets, showers, and faucets that use less water and help reduce plastic will slowly take over our living spaces. Like Groeh Blue, a revolutionary water system that can filter, chill and carbonate water directly from the kitchen faucet, contributing to reducing up to 800 plastic bottles, water and CO2.

We will also start to see a tendency to incorporate inclusive design in both existing structures and new developments. As people grow older, they become less physically able to navigate the structures in their homes. Bathtubs, for example, are areas where designers will provide significant benefits to ageing populations; widened bathtub ledges can facilitate the transition into the tub, while walk-in tubs provide much easier accessibility and prevent slippage.

The trend of inclusive design will continue to expand to many areas and intensify. We're seeing the beginnings of a shift from status-based products toward those that are simpler and more practical. These products are still beautiful and stylish, but more user-friendly and straightforward, to accommodate a diverse range of users.

Technology will play a significant role in advancing the 2023 trends in sustainability, inclusive design, and making homes more stylish and convenient as we continue to work from home. However, we won't see “one-size-fits-all” innovation approaches in interior design projects. The scale at which designers will incorporate technology will depend more and more on the audience and environment.

For example, touchless faucets and flushing systems that help to minimize user contact will continue to exist in public spaces to optimize hygiene and minimize the spread of germs. However, concerns over safety are not as prevalent inside the home. The integration of technology in the home will be more about convenience. So we will see more products like Grohe's Smart Control shower system, which uses innovative technology that allows users to personalize their shower according to the way they like it, such as having intuitive control of the temperature and volume of water.

To conclude, whether it's remaining on top of trends, implementing new technologies, or prioritizing sustainability, designers, builders, and architects have the power to accelerate the progression of inclusive design, water conservation, and sustainability. But more importantly, the ones who view design from an empathetic, careful, and critical eye are those that will stand out among others while changing the lives of so many.

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