Erap on mechanical ventillation as his condition worsens

Sons of former President Joseph Estrada, former Senators Jinggoy Estrada and JV Ejercito have urged the public to continue to pray for their father as the latter’s condition worsens.

Estrada in a social media post said the former president has suffered a setback as his pneumonia worsened.

“Yesterday, my father’s condition suffered a setback as his pneumonia worsened,” the former senator said in a Facebook post.

And because the former president’s oxygen requirement increased, his doctors decided to place him on mechanical ventilation.

“This was done to improve oxygen delivery as well as to prevent the tiring of his respiratory mechanism. My father has always been a fighter and I hope that with the help of your prayers he will win this battle.” Jinggoy continued.

Jinggoy’s brother, JV, also asked the public to pray for the former president.

In a social media post, JV confirmed that the eldest Estrada’s condition regressed.

“My dad was recuperating very well the past few days when suddenly it shifted yesterday when his pneumonia worsened, thus the need to use ventilator,” Ejercito said.

He added: “Your prayers mean a lot”.

Last week, the former president was rushed to a hospital after contracting the deadly coronavirus disease.

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