‘Falls’ in love with Pagsanjan

It’s officially summer and if you are looking for a great outdoor adventure without the crowd and accessible to Metro Manila, then visit the popular tourist destination of Laguna – Pagsanjan.

Just recently, I was able to set foot in this tourist spot that I’ve often seen in postcards and textbooks. And who would have thought that I’ll be mesmerized by its breathtaking natural and underrated beauty – it feels like visiting the Amazon River in a Jurassic-like setting.

Here are some things you can do on a summer weekend stay (or the Lenten week) in Pagsanjan.

Stay at a bed-and-breakfast with a view

If you work from home and live in a busy and crowded city, you probably want to wake up one day with a different view.

In our case, we stayed at Casa Marina Bed and Breakfast Hotel. Upon entering this cozy hotel, we were drawn to its nice interiors and a lovely courtyard, especially the beautiful view of the Pagsanjan River.

The serene view of Casa Marina.

Casa Marina offers delicious food, has a friendly staff, and allows you to have a bonfire experience at night. The place is relaxing and will definitely rejuvenate your mind from the stresses of day-to-day life just by enjoying the quiet scenery of this charming town overlooking the river.

Try the unique river cruise

If you want outdoor adventure, the river cruise is a must-do when in Pagsanjan. For almost an hour of cruising the river, we enjoyed various natural landscapes of terrains such as rock formations and waterfalls passing through a vast jungle in a Jurassic-like setting.

The river cruise is truly a unique experience.

We also saw different species of birds which we don’t usually see in the city. This river cruise was an enjoyable one and gave us a unique experience. We also witnessed how the boatmen used their feet to paddle from rock to rock, which made us appreciate their skills and saw how hard it is for them to earn a living. Salute to them!

Visit the famous Pagsanjan Falls

At the end of the river cruise, we reached the famous Pagsanjan Falls, which I only use to see in postcards and textbooks when I was a kid. And seeing it is like an achievement on my bucket list – from pictures, I was now up close and personal with it.

The author seeing the Pagsanjan Falls up close for the first time.

The terrain surrounding Pagsanjan Falls is covered with moss and trees, making it more naturally astonishing and relaxing to the eyes.

Dine at this heritage house

After the outdoor adventure and a short walk away, we visited this heritage house known for its nostalgic setting featuring the old Pagsanjan town vibe. We ended our day with delicious Filipino food at Mucho de Nero’s Restaurant, welcomed by an old stairway and surrounded by big capiz windows.

Enjoy classic Filipino dishes at this heritage house turned restaurant.

Bonus: Side trip to Nagcarlan

After staying overnight in Pagsanjan, we also visited the famous Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, which is just along our way back home. It’s not part of Pagsanjan but it’s worth visiting because of its unique underground graves, a national heritage underground cemetery site built in the 18th century.

A heritage site, the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.

It was a nice and relaxing overnight weekend in Laguna, especially in the town of Pagsanjan and Nagcarlan. So, if you are already planning for your summer getaway, you wouldn’t regret visiting these towns. And please support local tourism first before you go abroad. Our fellow Filipinos who work and earn in the tourism industry need all our help!

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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