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THE vaccines for Covid-19 are the first in history to be developed quickly. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/ LITTLE PLANT

After two weeks of watching things unravel in our country, getting more dismayed with the stops and starts, and watching family and friends trying to keep everything afloat, I have thought to myself: what the hell is going on?

Whenever I get to that point, I go back and study the FACTS. The real ones. The facts that are not tainted by a celebrity, an influencer, media or a media personality. Not by politics and religion, or leaders in both.

Just hardcore, ugly, straightforward and unflinching facts.

Panic, sorrow and anger are all emotions we can — or try to — control. But these are still emotions, and they are subjective. These do not weigh in when facts come into play. Facts are facts because they are tried and tested, over time through experiences and with different stimuli. In other words, I continue to look for answers using the method of scientists in testing their theories. In essence, I’m trying to follow the logic in science because I want to clear out the noise.

So what did I do? First, I read up on the virus. That is what we are all fighting, A VIRUS. What is its make-up? Why is this one, compared to the yearly flu and cold virus, so deadly? What is the biology of this particular virus that we are all trying to fight?

The long ang short of it is that viruses mutate — that is their nature. This is why, though we can inoculate against the common cold and flu, it does not mean we will not get it. We can still get it, even after being vaccinated with the flu shot, so why, and most people ask this, WHY do we even bother?

It is because having the flu shot can lessen your chances significantly of getting the flu, and if you do get it, it will not be as nasty as if you were not vaccinated. In other words, the hassle of being sick with the flu, the severity of the effect it will have on your body, will definitely lessen. This logic makes complete sense to me. I get it. (

Now, talking about Covid-19: we technically have absolutely no idea how this virus behaves. Even now when there is some sort of “control” over it in other parts of the world, it seems that it will inevitably become part of our lives.

There have been concerns over the fact that Covid-19 vaccines were developed so quickly. Based on the logic that I laid out with the flu analogy, heck, yes, I’m going to be getting that vaccine once offered to me. Based on science: it will lessen my chance of getting the strains of this virus, and that if I do get it, my body would be better able to fight it off. So, yeah, there may be side effects down the line (which is still unproven so I’m giving this a 50-50 shot), but I want to be alive and well NOW.

Whenever I get to that point, I go back and study the facts.


In the history of mankind, this is the first vaccine that has ever come to market (again FACTS) this quickly. So I have a lot of thoughts about this, but the overriding one really, is that of TIME. We are living urgent times, and to get to the ever talked about herd immunity, we all need to act.

I am pinning all hopes on the spirit of bayanihan that we, as Filipinos, are so famous for — that sense of community that has been rocked even with the deluge of the internet and individualist media. I hope that this sense of community will prevail in this time when we need it most. Cut out the noise, cut out the politics, stick to the facts. What are you willing to take for the team — ano ang gagawin mo para sa komunidad mo, sa pamilya, sa bayan? The answer to me is crystal clear and I sing it when the anthem is played: Ang mamatay ng dahil sayo.

No more, no less. So when it is ready, I will get shot willingly.

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