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Ameer Sanchez Gamama had a happy and lovely childhood in Lianga, Surigao Del Sur, where he was born and raised by his mother and maternal grandfather who instilled in him the value of caring.

He recalled that he would always be playing on the sand and strolling along the beach with his cousins. He was already an accounting student when he met his father for the first time, but he has no regrets because he was surrounded with love and support when he was growing up.

He graduated cum laude and a certified public accountant. He’s been a correspondent for the website Missossology covering male and female pageants here and abroad since 2013.

As a writer, Ameer has traveled to Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. His most memorable pageant coverage was Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. Coincidentally, it was his first foray into international pageant coverage and the first time that the Philippines won the elusive blue crown. That was when Megan Young bested 126 ladies to win the 63rd edition of the oldest running international beauty pageant.

His diverse itineraries include Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Switzerland and Myanmar and all of Ameer’s work assignments are with the World Health Organization.

Early days as auditor

He actually started out as a state auditor in 2010. He said it was a job that was too technical to be understood by everyone. He explained, “Through our work, we help ensure that public accountability and transparency are preserved. Auditing invites resistance, that is why the job is a noble one and respected. Strong resolution is needed if one intends to become an auditor.”

While auditing could sometimes be a thankless job, Ameer feels grateful and thankful for the big opportunities that the job gave him. His original plan was only to have a stable job that pays enough, but his perseverance really paid off. He was lucky to have that rare chance to be part of a highly esteemed group that audited some United Nations agencies, which meant he got to travel abroad and go to places that he never dreamed he could visit.

“The experience was just so priceless. I was privileged to work in an organization that provided excellent support and opportunities to its employees,” he said.

He loved Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Switzerland and Myanmar before he worked with the World Health Organization. Most memorable was his deployment to the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France.

Aside from his first long-haul flight experience, the grandeur of dream cities such as Paris, Venice, Rome and Barcelona highlighted his European side trip.

AMEER with Aki Torres.

Acting stint

From auditing to reporting, Ameer is now into acting after he was cast as Miss Becky in the Boy’s Love (BL) series My Day directed by Xion Lim. He was originally part of the production team that did public relations, content creation, wardrobe supervision and talent coordination.

The production team had difficulty scouting new talents and had to limit the number of people on the set since the series was shot at the start of the pandemic. Lim and producer Carlo Morris Galang asked him to try the character which he loved because they have similarities in real life. He is not surprised that the BL series would come as a shocker to many, but said that part of life’s evolution is the change in how we see things and to have the freedom to choose who to love.

The “BL series mirrors reality; we see this reality already and we just need to be ready. Movies and TV shows are more than just heterosexual love stories. It opens possibilities for a more inclusive community, one that would accept people no matter who they love,” he added.

His trending portrayal in My Day earned him a lead role in the ongoing House Rules series where he portrays Madam Becky, a role that was offered to him by Lim himself. House Rules is a situational comedy that revolves around the lives of people in Madam Becky’s dormitory and Madam Ely’s canteen.

“Life is a big house rule, affected by the people and circumstances that surround it. What matters is how we deal with the twists and turns that come into our lives and to come out as the winner,” he said on what people can learn from his latest series. Doing My Day and House Rules amid the pandemic was quite a challenge to the entire production team while staying at Oxin Films studio. It involved daily body temperature checks, wearing of masks and shields and observing social distancing. When the pandemic is over, Ameer revealed that he will visit the nearest mosque to pray and to give thanks for protecting him, his family and his friends and he will go back to Europe to go winter shopping again.

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