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Taizoon and Edith Khorakiwalah have always been traveling since they began their respective careers. She was formerly with the Asian Development Bank and he, a businessman.

In fact, they first met onboard an airplane. Their courtship involved a lot of traveling back and forth.

Taizoon, a native of India, is a peripatetic businessman who is in his homeland one day, and in any of the Middle Eastern countries next. And then he flies to various parts of the world to update himself on the latest technology essential to their bread and pastry production business, among others.

Edith is a dear friend of mine. We met when I was the principal writer of a book about love and marriage and what makes lovers click. Another friend alerted me to Edith and Taizoon’s love story.

We have since been constantly in touch as she sends me foodstuff and nice little gifts from her travels. Facebook, of course, has kept us glued to each other’s activities, although I must admit it is quite hard coping with her schedule.

The Pyramids, a fruitful experience.

Today she is in Mumbai, tomorrow in Dubai, and the next she is flying to San Francisco to visit a son pursuing his studies at Stanford.

I get my dates and places mixed up, of course, but that’s just an idea of how Edith spends her typical year or month or week.

The pandemic has slowed down everyone, but Edith and Taizoon, being a business couple, have not been totally paralyzed. They practice what is necessary, so some photos show Edith in her mask, and if she wears none, you can assume they were taken years ago when all was well in the world.

The Khorakiwalas often visit the Philippines. They keep a home at Green Meadows, and Edith has been investing in real estate development.

She also visits her family and friends from way back, which confirms the statements I have heard and read of her being kind, sweet and generous.

She remembers those who have touched her heart in the past, and she, in turn, shares with them the bounty which the Universe has blessed her with.

enjoying morning walks around Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

Edith tells me she and Taizoon love Middle Eastern food, meaning Lebanese, Iranian and Turkish dishes including manakeesh, the pizza of the Arabic world; moutabal or baba ghanoush; and grilled meat dishes like lamb, beef and chicken.

Taizoon, on his own, loves lamb and beef kebabs, as well as lamb stew, all served with Arabic bread of various kinds and rice as well.

A favored destination of this couple these days is Dubai which, according to Edith, “is less than three hours by plane from where we are based in Mumbai, India.”

Dubai is also where the their SwitzGroup’s family office is based. Aside from Taizoon, family refers to their son and daughter who both live in Dubai and help in the family business.

Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates which, Edith says, “feels like one has come home to the Philippines. Anywhere you go, the familiar Filipino (Tagalog) language is heard and spoken.”

She recommends visiting the progressive place during “the months of October through March. These are the best months to be in the very modern, cosmopolitan, progressive and glamorous Dubai.”

AT the Acropolis.

Edith and Taizoon Khorakiwala at Park Hyatt Dubai.

As for its cuisine, Edith says: “The dining experience here is quite unique and out of this world. It offers the best cuisine one can ever imagine — from Middle Eastern to Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese, to Italian and some more.”

Of the populace, she notes: “UAE is home to the world’s highest percentage of immigrants, and Filipinos rank among the top, along with Indians and Pakistanis.”

During their recent visit, though, she noticed “a large number of migrants from African countries like Kenya and Uganda.”

Taizoon and Edith travel mostly for business and pleasure. But then they cannot help observing developments and trends for their own sake, maybe as part of the advancement of their various businesses. Or, for mere personal consumption and appreciation.

Edith, as a former staff of the Asian Development Bank, will have her personal opinion about things beyond consideration of mere pleasure.

She and her husband Taizoon are intelligent travelers, which makes each journey even more interesting to them.


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