Go backs moves to end ‘endo’

Sen. Christopher Lawrence ‘Bong’ Go CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Sen. Christopher Lawrence ‘Bong’ Go CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

SEN. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go voiced support to the proposed measure against “endo” (end-of-contract) but said that he wants to strike a balance between employer and employee welfare.

The senator on Friday said he supports efforts to end the practice of short-term employment in the country.

He noted that President Rodrigo Duterte vetoed the anti-endo measure in 2019 because of the broad scope and meaning of the illegal “labor-only contracting.”

It effectively prohibited legitimate forms of contractualization that are not particularly harmful to the employees, he said.

“Ako naman po, pabor ako dito sa (ending) endo (As for me, I'm in favor of ending this endo),” Go said in an interview after he visited fire victims in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

“If this had been vetoed, the Executive Department had a reason because it was too broad,” he said in Filipino.

The senator said that the veto was the result of careful consideration and evaluation made by the relevant government agencies.

Go said that he is willing to file and support a similar bill that rectifies the concerns of the Executive Department since the said measure is also one of Duterte's priorities, as mentioned in his previous State of the Nation Addresses.

He noted that the President issued Executive Order (EO) 51 which prohibits contracting or subcontracting if it violates a worker's right to security of tenure, collective bargaining, self-organization and peaceful coordinated activities, among others.

EO 51 which Duterte signed on May 1, 2018 “aims to protect the workers right to security of tenure,” he said.

He said that the government must balance the interests of all stakeholders in considering the anti-endo measures.

Go expressed hope that if another anti-endo bill is filed in the next Congress, it will ensure the security of employment of all Filipino workers.

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