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Co-founder of Honest Junk. / Photograph courtesy of ig/celine-gabriel Celine Gabriel Lim

Honest Junk is making Philippine Independence Day celebrations a little more fun this year by swapping out drinks for gummy bears. The healthy snack company has tied up with three proudly Pinoy brands — Archipelago by Full Circle Craft Distillers, Don Papa Rum, and Engkanto Brewery — to create three cocktail flavors for its gummies, each infused with one of its partners’ specialty beverages. The limited-edition Gummy Spikes will launch online today, 12 June.

Since 2016, Honest Junk has been tickling Filipino taste buds with an assortment of healthy snacks, from moringa-fortified gummy bears to cookies enriched with superfoods. The brand has maintained its commitment to using only the best nature-derived ingredients for its products because it believes in the “right kind of wrong” — if snacking is “wrong” for you, you can always make it better by making snacks with the “right” kind of ingredients.

Honest Junk Gummy Spikes infused with local premium alcohol brands. / PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF DON PAPA

The snack brand also believes that all good things need to come with moderation, including moderation itself. Not long after its launch, the brand debuted Gummy Spikes, a line of gummy bears infused with liquor. Gummy Spikes are made with the same good stuff that goes into their regular gummies, such as 100 percent natural fruit juices, moringa and no added refined sugar. The only difference is that they come with a little extra kick for times when you want a bit more fun with your snacking.

This year, that kick comes from some of the country’s most premium alcohol brands — and it comes right on time for Independence Day.

“We wanted to partner with like-minded, proudly Filipino-made brands to create a fun product to celebrate Philippine Independence Day with,” explains Celine Gabriel Lim, co-founder of Honest Junk. “And when you celebrate something, usually there’s a little of alcohol as the ‘fun’ element.”

Lim and Honest Junk co-founder Tina Lagdameo immediately knew that they wanted to include vodka, rum and beer in this year’s line-up, as these are the drinks that Filipinos usually see at the celebration table. Honest Junk’s dedication to using only the best ingredients, in turn, led them to collaborate with Archipelago by Full Circle Craft Distillers, Don Papa and Engkanto Brewery.

Don Papa Masskara infused rum, passionfruit.

According to Lagdameo, the feeling was mutual with each of Honest Junk’s partners, and they jumped at the chance to work hand-in-hand with the brand to develop cocktail flavors for their very own Gummy Spikes.

“We worked with their in-house mixologists and brand managers,” she says. “It was a very collaborative environment, and it also helped us choose what natural juices go well with their cocktails.”

Archipelago by Full Circle Craft Distillers used their award-winning ARC Lava Rock Vodka as the base for the Apple Arctini Gummy Spikes. Copper distilled in small batches in an automated CARL still from Germany, ARC Lava Rock Vodka is filtered over lava rocks from Taal and Mayon volcanoes resulting in a crisp, neutral spirit with a hint of minerality, allowing the natural green apple juice flavor to come through vibrantly.

Don Papa Rum, on the other hand, chose to use their festive Masskara Rum -infused with siling labuyo, calamansi and Philippine honey — for their Signal No. 4 gummies. A playful take on the popular Hurricane cocktail, the rum goes perfectly with natural passionfruit juice, and these spiked gummy bears leave a very tropical finish on the palate.

ELIXIR Gummy Spikes.

Engkanto’s resident brewmaster handpicked their signature Pale Ale as it would give the best pronounced beer flavor among their other variants when infused into a gummy bear. The brewery blended natural watermelon and melon juices into the gummies, resulting in a remarkable snack that stirs up a summery vibe. Putting together the special recipe for the Engkanto Elixir was an exciting detour for the brewery, and it expects foodies will get a kick out of these as well.

“There are so many spiked gummy bears out there, but none like ours,” says Lim. “It’s not everyday you’ll find world-class Filipino drinks being represented in gummy bears.

“We think that people will really enjoy it,” Lagdameo adds. “We’re really proud to have these great brands on board for our fun little celebration of Philippine Independence.”

The taste of independence differs from Filipino to Filipino. For some, it’s being able to travel alone. For others, it’s getting that first job and buying the things you’ve had your eye on. For many, it’s being able to appreciate the country we live in, from its gorgeous beaches to its mouth-watering food.

Engkanto Elixir Pale Ale Beer, Watermelon and Melon flavors.

This year, Honest Junk wants to add a bit of fun and flavor to that taste of independence. However you celebrate Philippine Independence, they hope you do it with the right kind of wrong: healthy ingredients and a splash of the country’s finest alcoholic drinks.

The new limited-edition Gummy Spikes will be available starting today at, only while supplies last.

Honest Junk is a proudly Filipino brand that offers gummy bears, cookies and other snacks made with natural ingredients and enriched with superfoods. Since 2016, they’ve been introducing fun new takes on healthy snacks. For more information on Honest Junk and the “right kind of wrong”, visit or follow @honestjunk on Instagram and Facebook.

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