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As the world and the predominantly Catholic Philippines continue to observe Holy Week, streaming platforms and local channels are also offering inspirational programming to complement Filipinos' Holy Week traditions.

iWantTFC's 'Movies for the Soul'

Global Filipino streaming platform iWantTFC celebrates the period with thoughtfully curated “Movies for the Soul” bundles for its rapidly growing viewership.

Available on iWantTFC are the following sets to rent:

Faith Set which includes “Himala,” “Sta. Niña,” “Seklusyon,” and “The Healing.”

The classic “Himala” tells the story of a poor provincial girl named Elsa (Nora Aunor) who claims to have seen the Virgin Mary and then demonstrates the ability to cure the sick. “Sta. Niña,” meanwhile, follows the story of Pol whose deceased daughter Marikit started healing people.

Then there's “Seklusyon” which chronicles aspiring priests in their seclusion at a remote convent. Their solitude is interrupted when a girl arrives, and they debate whether she was sent by God or by the devil.

Finally, “The Healing” tells the story of a group of people who ventures into a remote village to ask a mysterious faith healer to cure their ailing loved ones, unaware that every supposed “healing” would soon be repaid in the most disturbing ways.



Reflection Set features “Bakwit Boys,” The Trial, “Ang Larawan,” and “Bagong Buwan.”

A hopeful film that inspires people to dream in the face of adversity, “Bakwit Boys” is about four brothers, who are forced to leave their hometown after it is devastated by a super typhoon.

“The Trial” tells the story of a man with intellectual disability as he faces the greatest trial of his life when he was accused of a crime.

“Ang Larawan” is a powerful musical tale about standing together against materialism.The movie is a lavish, powerful family drama that is a bitter struggle for survival against betrayal set in pre-World War 2 Manila.

Finally, “Bagong Buwan” follows a Muslim doctor who found himself struggling to reconcile his professional and religious principles.

The last set is called Family Set with movies tackling familial trials and triumphs. This set includes “Northern Lights: A Journey to Love,” “Everything About Her,” “Edsa Woolworth,” and “Honor Thy Father.”

“Northern Lights: A Journey to Love” sees Charlie Sr., a Filipino immigrant in Alaska whose life suddenly changes when he is tasked to take care of his estranged son.

“Everything About Her” is a story about acceptance, love and forgiveness, a powerful, as feisty businesswoman with recent cancer diagnosis navigates her complicated relationship with her caregiver and her estranged son.

In “Edsa Woolworth,” the audience will meet the eldest daughter of a dysfunctional family who sacrifices her personal needs to care for her widower geriatric father and siblings, until she meets the man of her dreams.

Finally, “Honor Thy Father” follows family man Edgar who had no choice but to return to his roots for his family.

To watch iWantTFC's Holy Week collections of movies, visit or download the app and search for Faith Set, Reflection Set, and Family Set.





GMA's Holy Week 2022 programming

Over on free TV, GMA has also prepared inspirational titles from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday.

Break the fast with a look back on the life of the Messiah in the film “Jesus” which airs at 7 a.m. At 10:30 a.m, be inspired with CBN Asia's “Tanikala: Tugon sa Dalangin,” a collection of redemptions stories featuring people who found faith after life's difficult challenges. End the day with Stanley Kubrick's epic historical drama film “Spartacus” at 9 p.m.

On Good Friday, catch “Magdalena,” a religious film that tackles Jesus' tender regard for women. It premieres at 7 a.m.

Come 10:30 a.m., be inspired by a couple who tries to repair their relationship with the guidance of their faith in “Tanikala: Paghilom.”

A Good Friday tradition, GMA presents “Siete Palabras” or Seven Last Words at 12 p.m. End the day with the biblical film “The Ten Commandments” by Cecil DeMille, starring Charlton Heston at 9 p.m.

Black Saturday opens with the easy to digest and kid friendly “The Story of Jesus for Children” at 7 a.m., followed by a lineup of kid-friendly programs.

Come night time, it's another classic epic and Charlton Heston-starrer “Ben-Hur” beginning at 9 p.m.

The network's regular programming will resume on Easter Sunday.

HBO Go's inspirational offering — 'King Richard'

For those who want a contemporary option, HBO GO just released the Academy Award-winner “King Richard,” an inspiring biographical film about Richard William, an undeterred father instrumental in raising two of the most extraordinarily gifted tennis athletes of all time.

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, King Richard stars Will Smith — who won the 'Best Actor in a Leading Role' at the 94th Academy Awards for his portrayal of Richard William — and Aunjanue Ellis, who earned her first 'Best Supporting Actress' Oscar nomination.

Based on the true story that will inspire the world, King Richard follows the uplifting journey of a family whose unwavering resolve and unconditional belief ultimately delivers two of the world's greatest sports legends — Venus and Serena Williams.

Armed with a clear vision and a brazen 78-page plan, Richard Williams (Smith) is determined to write his daughters, Venus and Serena, into history. Training on Compton, California's abandoned tennis courts, rain or shine, the girls are shaped by their father's unyielding commitment and their mother's balanced perspective and keen intuition, defying the seemingly insurmountable odds and prevailing expectations laid before them.

Filipinos can stream or download King Richard on HBO GO and enjoy other award-winning films such as “Dune,” “Judas and the Black Messiah,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Tenet.”

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