Heart shows love for classic white in new home

Heart Evangelistashowcases her artistryin designing her owncondo unit.

Heart Evangelista is an all around artist — whether it be through fashion or painting, the multi-hyphenate has shown creative flair to the world. But finding a medium where she excels did not limit Evangelista from exploring other artistic expressions. Most recently, the artist has dabbled in interior design.

A brand ambassador of RLC Residences, Evangelista designed her own condo unit at The Sapphire Bloc and proudly showed her work during a special event.

The passion project, called Love Marie Designs, is made possible with the help of architect Chris Belo and Astrid Belo Geewel and interior designer Geewel Cabungcal-Fuster.

When asked for her inspiration behind the design, Evangelista said at the media launch, “I love everything just very classic. I love [American designer] Kelly Wearstler. I was given with such a beautiful space to work on already. I needed to add my personality. I was very blessed that the unit has good lighting to begin with because of the placement of the windows.”

Evangelista added that the clean and minimalist interior of her new abode is a reflection of her love for white.

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“It's a uniform for me. If you can't take up anything you always go back to the basic colors which is white. That's what I love with the unit, it's white. Although I just had to work with the textures, para hindi flat, like marble, silk etc. I do truly love white its relaxing and refreshing.”

She also said that white can go with almost everything, “Again even if you go on a travel and you decided you like a certain carpet and it's a bit eccentric it will still look good. I do love having a room that's white so you can reset.”

Likewise, the social media darling also advised condo owners to consider adding mirror, which for her is an essential, “Mirrors are always a good idea to make the space look a bit bigger. It's always a good trick to put a mirror.”

Besides the ease of designing a condominium unit, Evangelista shared that investing in one proved to be a wise decision for her.

“I remember when I was younger I wanted a house right away, but my mom said to invest in condominiums instead. And that's what I did. It's very convenient and the security is good.”

As for RLC Residences, the collaboration with Evangelista has been fun and fulfilling.

“We are grateful to her for putting in the spotlight the real beauty of RLC Residences, and how our unit layouts and deliverables can be the perfect canvas for design and creativity,” said Karen Cesario, RLC Residences Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer.

“We hope that through Love Marie Designs and using the learnings from Heart combined with their passion and lifestyle, our homeowners will realize that they, too, can design their own RLC Residences unit and turn it into a space that enables them to live their best life,” Cesario ended.

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net

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