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MIGHTY Avocado Dezato.

In 2019, a family of business partners launched Sumuji Ph, the first Japanese-inspired drink and dessert brand in the Philippines.

From its first bazaar store in Eastwood, a second branch was opened in SM Manila in June 2020. The addition of the San Pedro, Laguna store on 20 March and the counter-type store in Legazpi, Albay on 30 March will mark its 19th store in Luzon this month.

“Our vision is to bring healthy alternatives to other popular drinks. What better way to do this than today, when everyone is trying to combat the pandemic with a healthier lifestyle. This is also our way of supporting the government in its efforts to jumpstart the economy through job creation,” Sumuji Ph CEO Mary Jean Alvarado-Tiu told Daily Tribune.

Tiu said that when Sumuji Ph opened in October 2019, they were targeting up to 100 stores in five years. The pandemic has delayed their plans but they are working to open 15 to 20 more stores this year and expand in the Visayas and Mindanao. Currently, its stores are located only in Luzon.

Japanese delights

Sumuji Ph gives local consumers a taste of the Japanese healthy smoothie, Dorinku, made of natural frozen fruit cubes topped with chia seeds or popping bobba without artificial flavorings and preservatives.

If you are not a fan of frothy smoothies, Dorinku is a good choice because it uses state-of-the-art vacuum blending technology that removes excess air. You get a smoother, foamless and froth-free smoothie in your bottle. The process also reduces oxidation which maintains vitamin C, fat-soluble vitamins (A and E) and other nutrients. All-natural fruit-flavored smoothies are wrapped in original kawaii-vibe Sumuji bottles.

Dezato, on the other hand, is a Japanese dessert also made of frozen fruit cubes suited for those who want milk and chia pudding mixed into it. Make avocado Dezato special by adding all-purpose cream or almond milk.

Other bestsellers are the low-calorie buko-lychee Dezato enriched with natural enzymes and minerals, and the fiber-rich and vitamin A and C source strawberry-mango Dezato.

Also included in the menu is Sandoichi, a Japanese-inspired toasted cheese sandwich infused with some of Sumuji’s signature frozen fruits. The all-natural, fruit-based ice cream sandwich combined with cheese and melted butter will satisfy daily healthy cravings.

Sumuji Ph follows strict health protocols in preparing the drinks. The staff undergoes rigorous training to ensure the best customer service.

“Though people are slowly going back to the malls, our target audience has been reduced by the pandemic. We are making up for it by boosting in different delivery apps and introducing home-based business packages,” Tiu added.

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