Homegrown company advocates ‘green’ choices

ADOPT responsible choices such as biodegradable solutions and other eco-friendly habits to help keep the environment a safe place. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF PERSONAL COLLECTION

Among the silver linings in the Covid-19 pandemic is how caring for the environment became more focused and fast-tracked.

Today, many companies are shifting gears to do their part in preserving nature and contributing to global sustainable efforts.

The same goes for consumers who are getting increasingly conscious of the things they use and brands they support.

The terms “natural” and “cruelty-free,” for instance, are now essential terms considered by people who have come to appreciate the value of wellness — not just their own health, but also the planet’s.

Everything is interconnected, after all.

For its part, all-Filipino company Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc. (PCDSI) has rolled out its flagship products — Tuff TBC (Toilet Bowl Cleanser) and Sof & mmm concentrated fabric conditioner — in biodegradable packaging.

The switch to biodegradable packaging is in line with its commitment to environmental conservation announced last June and reflects the company’s core values “malasakit (concern) and environmental responsibility.”

It is also anchored on the company’s primary mission to provide the “great life” to every Filipino.

The new packaging is expected to decompose in landfills within approximately five to 10 years, which is 100 times faster than the standard plastic bottle that could take up to 1,000 years to disintegrate.

Aside from the packaging’s capacity to be reused and repurposed several times in multiple ways, it also does not change the shelf-life properties of the products. Moreover, it contributes to the creation of biogas, a potential source of sustainable energy that can be used to power vehicles, homes and businesses.

The pioneer product of Personal Collection, Tuff TBC, has hospital-grade Killer Virex formula that’s tested and proven to kill 99.999 percent of disease-causing germs, bacteria and the Murine Norovirus, ensuring your family’s protection and health safety at home, in offices, malls and other public places.

Personal Collection’s Sof & mmm is a concentrated fabric conditioner formulated with Perfumed Micro Crystals that remain in the fabric and gradually release the infused fragrance throughout the day, eliminating the cause of odors such as sweat and sun. It contains Fibersoft that prevents fabrics from stretching, fading and wrinkling and comes in four variants: All-Time Fresh which has Germtec Technology that kills 99.99 percent of bacteria for up to 48 hours; All-Day Radiance, which comes with Opticlite Plus Technology that protects and restores different types of fabrics; Eternity which comes with a luxurious fragrance that lasts up to 30 days; and Evermore which has a captivating premium vanilla fragrance that can last up to two weeks.

Personal Collection consistently advocates for #GreenLifeGreatLife, which embraces quality of life for all, redefined by adopting responsible choices like using biodegradable solutions and several other eco-friendly habits to help improve the environment as a safer place for today’s and future generations.

The company also supports mangrove planting and reforestation.

Another component of the company’s awareness drive is PC Appre-sea-tion Day to support the well-being and preservation of marine life in Philippine waters.

Personal Collection spearheads a nationwide campaign to minimize, if not rid, our oceans of disposable plastic products that overwhelm the world’s ability to deal with them particularly in Asia and Africa.

The campaign tackles the dangers of plastic waste especially on marine life, shifting to sustainable products as a way of addressing it, and educating the general public on proper waste disposal to ensure appropriate

end-of-life for waste in landfills.

With this movement, Personal Collection aims to mobilize its extensive network of dealers, employees and stakeholders, allowing them to become agents of change in transforming communities to go for the green life.

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