‘Honest sinner vs lying hypocrite’? Timing of Claudine’s cryptic post stirs speculation

Claudine Barretto greets her niece Julia during the latter’s debut in March 2015. FILE/ABS-CBN News

MANILA — Is Claudine Barretto pertaining to her niece, Julia Barretto, in her cryptic statement about being a “lying hypocrite”?

This was the common question of dozens of comments on Claudine’s March 10 Instagram post, which shows the text image: “I would rather be known in life as an honest sinner, than a lying hypocrite.”

The timing of Claudine’s post was not lost on her followers, who, in their comments, mentioned Julia’s confirmation of her relationship with actor Gerald Anderson just days before.

Claudine did not answer whom she was pertaining to with the quote.

Claudine, and her sister Gretchen, previously appeared to side with Anderson’s former girlfriend prior to Julia, actress Bea Alonzo, amid the July 2019 controversy involving the three personalities, where Julia was accused of causing the breakup.

Claudine and Gretchen, Bea’s onscreen sisters in separate projects (“Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin” in 2005, and “Magkaribal” in 2010, respectively), expressed their support for her by sending flowers at the time, photos of which were shared by Bea on social media.

Claudine Barretto, Julia Barretto’s aunt, portrayed Bea Alonzo’s sister in the 2005 drama series ‘Ikaw Ang Lahat sa Akin.’ ABS-CBN/Instagram: @claubarretto

In August 2019, Julia denied being involved in the separation of Bea and Gerald through an Instagram post, which made headlines not only for what it said, but as Gretchen claimed Julia had a “ghost writer” in coming up with the statement.

At that point, Claudine and Gretchen had long been estranged from their other sister Marjorie, Julia’s mother. That rift widened further months later, when the sisters figured in a scuffle at their father’s wake, with no less than President Rodrigo Duterte witnessing the violent confrontation.

Julia, 24, once had close relationships with Claudine and Gretchen. She even once credited them for helping raise her and her siblings, and would refer to them both as “mama.”

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