How safe are you at home?

Although COVID-19 restrictions have been remarkably downgraded, not everyone is venturing outdoors. Most Filipinos still work from home, attend online classes, or stay indoors. While being at home generally protects people from the virus, the chance of injuries from accidents remains just as threatening.

The Department of Health (DOH) forewarned households to prioritize injury prevention, particularly in homes with children.

With half of childhood accidents occurring at home, DOH Undersecretary Maria Rosario Singh-Vergeire said previously that prevention is critical.

“Kahit na po tayo ay nasa apat na sulok ng ating tahanan, dapat pa rin po tayong maging mapagmatyag sa anumang panganib na maaring makasakit o magdulot ng sakuna sa ating pamilya, lalong-lalo na po sa mga bata. (Even if we’re within the four corners of our homes, we should be alert to any danger that might harm or cause accidents to our families, especially to children.)”

A preliminary report by the Health Department on the causes of deaths due to falls in the Philippines from January to June 2021 shows a 13-percent increase from 1,556 of the same period in 2020 to 1,770 deaths last year.

A study by the International Labour Organization (ILO) entitled “In the face of a pandemic: Ensuring safety and health at work”, cited various physical, mental, environmental, and chemical occupational health risks that stem from working temporarily at a home setting. Aside from the stress, extra workload, and mental health, employees might be using makeshift tables, chairs, and office accessories that could lead to work-related injuries.

Home accidents happen during do-it-yourself (DIY) home renovations and carpentry. Amateur decorators may be very handy at building fixtures or woodwork but remember, even the pros handle tools with extra care.

Another hazard zone is the kitchen area that go overtime and children hovering around. Wounds, burns and cuts are the likely scenario.

Kids aren’t the only ones you should keep an eye on. Fur babies or pets may cause mishaps due to their playful, protective, and territorial temperament. Dog training, socialization, and anti-rabies shots may prevent the risk of bites. Natural disasters also put households in jeopardy since they can strike at any time. Having an emergency plan, and a reliable home insurance policy like Malayan Insurance Co. Inc.’s Home Protect enables households to bounce back. Home Protect, a non-life insurance policy, helps safeguard homeowner’s property and themselves, including the cost of repairs after fires, earthquakes, floods, and typhoons.

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