How to get Piolo Pascual’s perfect smile

Unless it's a test paper result, the word perfect isn't one to throw around lightly. Especially in our privileged livelihood of getting to experience most things new first in line and thereafter being responsible for delivering accurate information to the public about whatever or whoever it is they need to know about.And yet, here I am at the cusp of using the very word that means “there is nothing wrong present” in our subject for today because I've thought and thought about it. Physically, multi-awarded actor, producer and philanthropist Piolo Pascual is the perfect embodiment of the modern-day Filipino male. There's really nobody but him, and this is a strictly objective deduction.



Think about it. Piolo isn't the token mestizo celebrity who's still so cute but overall, more Western-looking, really, nor is he the adorable chinito who clearly leans more on the “Chi” side of “Chinoy,” genetically. Instead, Piolo is blessed with a nose that is far from the stereotypical flat head (“Not all Pinoys are pango!” I keep saying), yet neither too high on the bridge to mistake him for a foreigner. Moreover, his chiselled face, on the whole, exudes raw masculinity, akin to the image of the mythological Malakas in “Si Malakas at Maganda,” with a complexion that is forever moreno (tanned), a jawline that is strong and straight, and eyes that… Well, if you ever get to look into Piolo's mesmerizing specs, it will get you typing “………” yourself.

Body-wise, those glued to his compelling series “Flower of Evil” will confirm Piolo has rock-hard abs but not in the extreme other be-muscled have taken their workouts. Theirs is pretty scary looking in my books and remind me of that loveable stoneman creature playing video games with Fat Thor in “Endgame.”

Given all of the above, Piolo for sure has the perfect body mass index (BMI), the perfect pinch with the caliper, the perfect proportion and symmetry from head to toe, and, naturally, the perfect teeth for that perfect smile.

Now, you might be wondering why I took you on such detailed scrutiny of Papa P's appearance today. So here is the part when I tell you why. Honestly, the first reason is because it's always fun to look at Papa P (admit it). The second is because I am a patriot and reckon that if we put his face on all our tourist campaigns and history textbooks, we'll get pre-pandemic foreign arrivals back in no time, and students will come to find Social Studies more bearable.

The third, and definitely not the least, is because Piolo is now the face of Beautéderm's newest set of oral care essentials Koreisu Family Toothpaste and Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste.

Perfectly chosen by Beautéderm's fabulous President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan for his megawatt smile, Koreisu isn't the first line Piolo is endorsing for the proudly homegrown neutraceutical brand that keeps breaching success again and again.

“You may remember at the height of the pandemic, we launched Piolo for the first time as Beautéderm ambassador for the all-male personal care range Beau,” Rei recalled, as kilig as the next girl whenever talking about Piolo. “Wala tayong events nun kasi lockdown talaga but just with billboards and digital campaigns, we sold out Beau because of him. That's how credible he is to the public.”

Bambbi Fuentes, Janice de Belen and Christine Areola

Bambbi Fuentes, Janice de Belen and Christine Areola

Tireless in her goal of coming up with FDA-approved products to “beauté-fy” Filipinos safely and effectively, Rei had no one else in mind to represent her latest baby, Koreisu, but Piolo.

A top-quality line as it is developed, tested, and manufactured in Japan — yet only and proudly available in the country and through Beatuederm's massive network of resellers globally — marketing whiz Rei shared that “Ko-rei-su” is a combination of the Nihongo words Kokotaru (bright), Ureishi (happy), and Tisu (teeth).

“Bright happy teeth ang pangalan ng bagong baby ko,” she beamed. “What sets it apart from leading brands today is that the family and whitening toothpaste are both fluoride- and triclosan-free and formulated with Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), with very minimal add-on ingredients, making the formula gentle in taste but powerful in preventing plaque, discoloration and bad breath with continued use.”

Asked why she chose Piolo for the new range when he already has a premium line to his name, the petite and beautiful spitfire replied, “Who doesn't love Piolo? No one could ever argue that he is the ultimate hunk and one of the industry's top leading men. “But beyond all the pomp of his showbiz persona is a hard-working man who creates a positive difference in this world through his professionalism, humility, and the goodness of his heart. Plus, it really doesn't hurt that he has a dazzling megawatt smile, right? It is truly our pleasure to have Piolo with us in our Beautéderm family.”

While I won't go ahead and read into Rei's glowing testimonial about Piolo — that he may even be perfect inside with his renowned and legendary kindness no matter who you are — will say that after countless interviews with the star through the years (our last conversation was even all about his politics), I finally got to ask him the simple but important question, “Piolo, how many times do you brush your teeth?”

He laughed, showing how he always enjoys playful and unexpected questions, and stated all earnestly, “Three times a day.” After which, he broke into that megawatt smile Rei described so perfectly.

“Three times, talaga? No miss?” I pressed as any good journalist would, and Piolo replied, “No miss, three talaga.” And then that smile again.

Generous as ever, though, he shared that besides the thrice-a-day brushing requirement in getting that perfect smile is to be genuinely happy with the life you lead.

Never evading questions about his love life, showbiz' 's most eligible bachelor said, “Hindi naman natin hinahanap yun. Pag dumating, dun na natin nahanap yun. Pero sa ngayon ok naman po ako eh and I'm living my best life. Nasanay na rin sigurong mag-isa. [A partner] isn't something that I'm excited to have or something that I would want to have. But for now, I just want to focus on myself and see what I can do.”

With Beautéderm’s fabulous President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan

With Beautéderm’s fabulous President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan


Oh, by the way, calling on everyone to support good friend Bambbi Fuentes as her first foray into screenwriting opens today in cinemas nationwide. Titled “Sugat sa Dugo,” Bambbi based the movie's story on the death of a good friend of hers from HIV-AIDS over the pandemic. Heartbroken by her friend's fate, Bambbi worried that awareness of the disease has alarmingly waned through the years when the statistics in the Philippines of those infected are rising.Sugat Sa Dugo was initially a short film that participated at the 2021 International Film Festival Manhattan Autumn, winning Janice de Belen the Best Actress plum. Bambbi co-produces the full-length with good friend Cristine Areola of Bait Lehem House of Breads under Dragon Entertainment Productions.

“It's my first screenplay, and I never really thought I'd do anything like this. But those who watched the premiere tonight all gave positive reactions regarding the story so I hope that more people will watch it because it's really an advocacy film first and foremost,” Bambbi said the other night.

Sugat sa Dugo stars Khai Flores, Christa Jocson at Mira Aquino under the direction of Danni Ugali.

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