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Interview Q&A

Scott Inthathirath – Resume

Oabel, Mark Roel-Employment Letter-TFT-May 4, 2022




Tell me something about yourself?

Triple S –> Success, Strength, Situation

I have been doing project management for the past ten years and I specialized in Technology Implementation, Integration, Support, and Development – helping my previous employer on delivering projects within budget, on time, and in accordance with scope.

Also winning team members’ support during and after the projects.

And in the last three years alone, I have delivered more than 10 projects ranging from 100K to half a million budget.

My real strength is my ability to truly understand what my stakeholders want and aligned those projects with their business objectives.
I pride myself on my reputation for creating an engaging and compelling working environment for my project team thus boosting their morale and commitment to the projects.

What I am looking for right now is a company that I could add value to, that I can produce a positive return on investment. Where I can join a dynamic, and productive team.
Is it what ABC Company is looking for?


What are your weaknesses?

Well you know I’m a creative person.
I tend to come up will all kinds of ideas and when I get this idea, I’m very excited and wanna share that with everybody, all my managers, my coworkers, and I love just want to share.
And what I realized over the years is sometimes these ideas, sometimes they’re good, and sometimes they are not so good.

So it is something that I know I need to work on how to prioritize some of these ideas and work on filtering.

And in fact, recently, I have = been reading a few books. One is called by Richard Kock, 80/20 Principle, and also Getting Things Done by David Allen. And through the book, I’ve picked up a lot of techniques and tools.

Now they are helping me to filter out some of these ideas. And how do I prioritize if there’s something that I’m working on all the time.

And of course, I’m always open to any coaching from you, that can help me to channel my creativity into higher productions for the company.