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‘Iron Strange,’ Iron Man armors, other figurines for sale at 20th Toycon

MANILA, Philippines — Pop culture fans will have a weekend to enjoy as Toycon returns for its 20th year, bringing together collectors and collectibles alike.

The convention is divided into three parts (four if one includes the food stalls and ticketing booths): a stage area, the Gallery and commercial booths.

Events and talks will be conducted at the stage while attendees can feast their eyes on numerous items by local collectors at the Gallery. The big pull for most collectors are the numerous booths selling different sorts of items for them to expand or begin their own collections.

Shirts, stickers and makeshift props can be found in just about every booth, but it is likely that the cherry on top for each stall are the figurines of every imaginable pop culture character.

The most common figurines are the ever-present Funko Pop! toys, which booths often sell two or three at a time for a special price, given their popularity over the years.

One stall is selling different versions of Iron Man, each with a different armor or Mark, as fans properly call it.

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An Iron Man Mark LXXXV (the suit used in "Avengers: Endgame" during the Battle of Earth) is being sold for P22,000, while a Battle Damaged Version of the figure is more expensive at P26,000.

Other Marks are roughly around the same price like a Mark VII from 2012's "Avengers" (P23,000), Mark L from 2018's "Avengers: Infinity War" (P24,000), Mark V from "Iron Man 2" against Whiplash (P19,000), and even figures of Don Cheadle's War Machine and Gwyneth Paltrow's Rescue (both at P20,000).

Also spotted is a special edition Concept Art, Iron Strange, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange in an Iron Man suit, also going for P22,000.

The most expensive indivudal figure that Philstar.com could find at Toycon 2023 was the 1/4 scale figure of Cyclops from the "X-Men" being sold at P45,000.

At the same stall where Cyclops is displayed, a 1/3 scale "Devil May Cry" figure bundle of the twin characters, Dante and Virgel, is being sold at Toycon for P60,000 when its regular price is P70,000.

Toycon 2023 is held this weekend, from July 7 to 9, at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

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