Is Maricel Soriano afraid of losing her popularity?

In between jobs for the most part last year, Maricel Soriano discovered she could divert her time to what seems every celebrity these days has practically ventured into: vlogging. In one of her most recent vlogs, the country's Diamond Star had as guest her niece Meryll Soriano, daughter of her sister Bek-Bek.

The episode had them both in the living room presumably of Maricel's residence. Clad in all white (top and pants), the mag-tita chose a topic that centered on questions they haven't dared ask each other.


Supposedly no-holds-barred, there was one question by Meryll which her aunt dodged. “Tita, what do you think was your greatest mistake in life?” Meryll probed.

If people knew Maricel well enough, she'd probably shoot the question to herself even before Meryll could. And if we've known her since time immemorial, Maricel wouldn't mince words she'd answer it right away and hit the nail in the head.

No beating around the bush. But no, Maricel opted to politely excuse herself, “Marami pero hindi ko puwedeng sabihin. Kumbaga, sa atin-atin na lang 'yon, pero ikaw ang nakakaalam kung ano 'yon.”

At that juncture, I wanted to discontinue my vlog watching simply because it wasn't how I perceived Maricel to be: brutally frank yet forthright.

In my mind I was hoping Maricel would make it up given Meryll's succeeding questions. I was convincing myself that the actress would be able to acquit herself.

After all, the reason why I stayed glued and all ears to that particular episode was my sheer curiosity about what else I didn't know about or was not familiar with Maricel. Then came Meryll's inquiry, “Takot ka bang malaos?”

Again, I was silently coaxing myself that I wasn't watching a Q & A portion of a beauty contest aimed to measure a candidate's wit or intelligence, or lack of it.

Maricel fired, “Hindi, hindi ako natatakot malaos.” She qualified her curt reply by sharing a valuable lesson she has learned from the elderly.

“Kasi, noong bata ako palibhasa meron akong 'Dumbo ears,' naririnig ko at nasasagap ko sa mga matatanda na may katapusan ang lahat. As in kung sikat ka man ngayon, magpasalamat ka. Kung hindi ka na sikat, ibigay mo na sa iba kasi lipas na ang panahon mo. 'Ika nga, share it with others.”

Only then was I able to heave a relieving sigh even if Maricel could have churned out an answer straight from her heart. She sounded a bit too showbizzy, bereft of honesty. Totally unfair as it could be, I couldn't help but imagine if it were her archrival Sharon Cuneta who was asked the same question.

But of course, no two people are alike. But if there was one good point in that particular episode – at least as far as her diehard fans are concerned – it was Maricel's frenzied announcement of her TV comeback. She gushed,

“Excited na akong bumalik sa pag-arte! Para kasing may nagsasabing, 'Go, Mary…go, Mary!' It's been a while nga naman since I had a regular TV show.”

On purpose, I had to terminate my vlog watching after that portion as I refused to further subject myself to disappointment.

Good thing, it was Maricel who admitted on her vlog that she doesn't read showbiz stuff so as not to get affected if she gets negatively written about.

Well, that sounded another dishonest line. Meanwhile, if there's one thing I'm excited about is Maricel's doing a vlog with Villma Santos who accepted the former's invite to do a collab with alacrity.

The two were present at the recent first ever FDCP's Sining ng Parangal, of which Vilma was one of the seven awardees. Vilma, however, told Maricel she earlier made a promise to Sharon Cuneta, “Naka-commit din kasi ako sa kanya pero sure na 'yung sa atin.”

Here's looking forward to the Edu Manzano's exes' collab minus the disappointment.

* * *

GUESS who? This veteran actor (VA) proves to be a living example of a person who does not follow what he preaches. At an evening showbiz event, the VA kept on giving a lecture to his peers about professionalism as this is the key to one's longevity.

However, the VA's well-meaning advice was met with arched eyebrows. A fellow actor interjected, “Is being professional letting film offers slip through one's fingers just because he's identified with a rich friend? Pray tell me!”

The VA has been inactive for years yet he doesn't seem to care even if “walang perang umaakyat sa kanya.” In fact, he's said to be living in style.

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