It’s in the jeans

Skinny jeans weren’t made for women.

These pairs were first introduced in the 1700s as menswear and it was only in the 2000s when women started wearing them.

Ankle Cigarette jeans are perfect for those who cannot let go of their Skinny Jeans.

From then on, skinny jeans became a staple until mid- to late-2010s. After that, people started experimenting with a more relaxed and loose fit.

Skinny jeans are easy go-to pieces because they are simple but glamorous or sophisticated without trying too hard.

But, let’s be honest: Wearing these slim pairs could be uncomfortable sometimes.

With the Philippines’ heat and humidity, skinny jeans were like another layer of skin that absorbed heat from the sun especially if the material was heavy and the stitching itchy.

Don’t get me wrong — I was all for the skinny jeans as well. In fact, I’m on the lookout for a good and comfortable pair right now, but I’m failing miserably. Tips?

BootCut jeans elongate the legs and are perfect for hourglass- and pear-shaped bodies. / photographs courtesy of ig/valerialipovetsky

For now, I turn to fashion mogul Valeria Lipovetsky for jean styling tips.

For her, skinny jeans are still a staple but everything went downhill when jeggings came into the picture.

“I feel like that was the beginning of the end,” Valeria said on her YouTube video.

“I’ve also realized, with the way fashion evolved, that maybe it’s not a bad thing that skinny jeans took a breather. We got introduced back to straight leg, bootcut or wide leg denim. The proportion makes sense. We want to work with pieces that complement (the) figure and I want to make sure we all understand what it is that makes us feel good,” she added.

Seeing Gen Z trends on social media had her experimenting on different jean cuts and silhouettes.

Wide Leg Cropped jeans balance out the shoulders for those with athletic bodies.

Ankle Cigarette. This cut is the next best thing to the skinny jeans because it’s comfortable and comes in different cuts.

“(Ankle Cigarette) flatters apple and athletic shapes because it elongates the legs. Go for high-rise or mom jeans. They are great for those with an hourglass figure or those who want to create the illusion of curves.”

Flared. For pear- or hourglass-shaped bodies, this is the right silhouette.

“It helps balance the body but they also look really great on a lot of different body types. Petite people should opt for flared pants that are not wider than your hips.”

Wide Leg Cropped. It balances out the shoulders for those who have athletic-shaped bodies.

“You can style them with sandals, loafers, running shoes, or white sneakers. In the winter, I love wearing mine with boots.”

Bootcut. It promotes leg elongation for people who have hourglass- and pear-shaped bodies.

“I would call this in between the Ankle Cigarette to the Flared. It’s still straighter than Flared but has a different cut to create an elongated shape.”

Valeria mentioned that the jean cuts shown on her video are specifically what she likes for her own body but she acknowledges that not all bodies are the same and made sure to choose cuts that “celebrate women and make them feel confident.”

Flared pants help balance the body and looks really great on different body types.

“These fits are tapered at the waist and hips and go straight or flared at the bottom which creates a beautiful, long silhouette of your body that complements everybody. By keeping the denim away from your knees and the lower part of your legs, it actually makes the waist the narrowest part of the body and that complements everybody,” Valeria said.

Skinny jeans

are not dead

Lovers of skinny jeans rejoice! Valeria did not leave the cut unnoticed.

She mentioned how skinny jeans can be easily tucked in boots for a clean winter look. Since this is a tropical country, it might be a tad uncomfortable, but who cares, right? Or try it with rain boots.

But for those who prefer comfort, skinny jeans can also be paired with kitten heels or pumps for a chic and classic look.

All the cuts mentioned on this column have a special place in my heart. It helped me look good and feel snatched especially since I’ve gained weight.

What I won’t be welcoming back are low-rise jeans which, I heard, are rising from its grave once more.

Never again.

Watch Valeria’s styling video via this link:

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