Japanese set meals delivered to your home

Chicken Karaage. / Photographs by raye sanchez for the Daily Tribune

Signature main dishes from a famed Japanese restaurant can now be brought to your place in beautifully packaged sets.

Yayoi’s bestselling Teishoku set meals, which used to be available only for dine-in, now come in ready-to-share and ready-to-serve sizes to your tables through their Metro Manila delivery service.

Known all over the world for Teishoku, a Japanese style of eating, Yayoi (pronounced as “Ya-yo-ee”) strictly adheres to safety protocols in all their branches with all staff undergoing regular testing, shifting and each one having a Fit-to-Work Certificate.

Teishoku set meals now come in ready-to-share and ready-to-serve sizes via their Metro Manila delivery service.

Enjoy their special Chicken Namban, Chicken Karaage, Teriyaki Chicken, Ginger Pork Shogayaki and even a Sukiyaki Kit. Not to be missed are their nifty boxes containing generous portions of favorite Japanese starters, sushi, sashimi, maki and gyoza. Each box is good for four people.

Order through the website order.yayoi.com.ph. Yayoi is also available in GrabFood, foodpanda and Pick-a-roo.

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph

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