JMC wasn’t AWOL on September 1

If you kept on seeing memes of beloved OPM star Jose Mari Chan doing stretches all over social media as September 1 — the “ber”-month date that signifies the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines — drew closer, you must've been among many the netizens disappointed over the King of Christmas Carols in the Philippines' no show.



Who better to herald the longest Christmas season in the world but Jose Mari Chan?

Who better to herald the longest Christmas season in the world but Jose Mari Chan?

Traditionally, even during the pandemic, Chan — or JMC as the millennials now call him — commercial brands would be all over themselves trying to book him for their September 1 events. The Manila Times Lifestyle had seen JMC in the flesh in one or two Rustan's Christmas campaign launches, singing “Let's sing Merry Christmas and a happy holiday” to everyone's delight. All locked in September 1, 2021, the JMC sighting was digital however as the father- or tito-figure starred in a Shopee online event, getting everyone crooning, “And may the spirit of Christmas be always in our hearts,” anew.

So where was Jose Mari Chan last Thursday? Why wasn't he flooding soc-med with that trademark cheerful smile and ever Christmasy voice whether he's speaking or singing, “Let's sing….?” The Manila Times Lifestyle just found out he was in Ikea Pasay!

He wasn't shopping, though. Selfless as ever, Uncle Christmas Joe surprised super thrilled shoppers all across the 65,000-square-meter did-I-die-and-go-to heaven shopping mecca, bringing Christmas cheer as he always does on the first day of Christmas in the Philippines.

Of course, he was a-singing — or better yet, a-caroling on his big Ikea visit — eventually giving in and a-shopping anyway what with safe, simple, sustainable and stunning home furnishings that just call on you all over this overwhelming playground of ideas.

Sharing the photos from JMC's official September 1, 2022 activities here, kudos to Ikea Philippines store manager Georg Platz and his team for keeping it all hush and keeping the Jose Mari Chan tradition alive for Filipinos, at least, in that area.

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