Julia Barretto, Diego Loyzaga team up in ‘Will You Be My Ex?’

Julia Barretto and Diego Loyzaga INSTAGRAM PHOTO/DIEGOLOYZAGA

Someone once said, “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” But if a love lost finds a way to come back, only for it to be threatened to be gone again, is a love like that still worth all the pain?

A love story starring the new team-up of two of the country's most sought-after stars, catch Julia Barretto and Diego Loyzaga in “Will You Be My Ex?” which will be available soon on Viva.

Meet Chris (Julia Barretto), a free-spirited and fun-loving woman from a family of artists and theater actors. Also, get to know Joey (Diego Loyzaga), a quiet, formal young man from a well-respected family.

Though completely opposites, fate has found a way for these two to meet, fall in love and be college sweethearts. And like every other kind of love, their story will start sweet and is filled with heartfelt promises.

But as they plan for their futures together, fate interferes again and gives them problems that are too hard to resolve, leading to Chris and Joey's breakup.

Years later, as time has healed all the wounds, they meet again, and old feelings that never left begin to resurface again. Can they make it work this time? Or will their current lives hinder them from rekindling their past?

Will You Be My Ex? is a film by screenwriter and independent movie director Real Florido. He has written and directed numerous movies and TV series in the Philippines. His most notable work is his film “1st Ko si 3rd,” which bagged him an international award from the London Film Awards and Canada International Film Festival.

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