July streaming picks: Canadian drama ‘Scarborough,’ Neil Patrick Harris’s ‘Uncoupled’

Liam Diaz, Essence Fox and Anna Claire Beitel appear in a still from the film "Scarborough" in this undated handout photo. The Canadian film follows the stories of several families living in the east end of Toronto.

Here’s a look at some of the standout TV series and films debuting on subscription streaming platforms in July:


Catherine Hernandez adapts her acclaimed 2017 novel into a tender feature film that traces the tribulations of several low-income families at a public school in Toronto’s east end. At the centre are the children: a Filipino boy in search of his sexuality, an Indigenous girl who lives in a motel with her autistic brother, and a neglected white girl whose parents are falling victim to addiction and abuse. In their orbit are parents struggling to provide for their families and teachers without proper resources. “Scarborough” is at once a loving and critical portrait of a neglected corner of Toronto. (Crave, July 1)

“The Rehearsal”

Vancouver native Nathan Fielder’s off-kilter comedic persona shone in his 2013 viral docu-reality series “Nathan For You,” now streaming on Crave, and he’s raising the stakes with his latest six-episode series. “The Rehearsal” puts him in the role of socially awkward mentor to a group of average folks who are about to face one of life’s pivotal moments. Fielder pledges to take each person through a step-by-step rehearsal using seemingly endless resources, including a team of actors and set designers. The results are surprising, sometimes touching and often hilarious. (Crave, July 15, episodes weekly)

“Black Bird”

Sentenced to 10 years in prison after a crime operation goes awry, Jimmy Keene is looking for a way out early. So when authorities come calling with an offer that could set him free, he’s all ears. They want him to elicit a confession from suspected killer Larry Hall, a man whose mental health may make him susceptible to coercion. If Keene pulls it off, he’ll be a free man, but with law enforcement watching his every move, the mission gets complicated. Taron Egerton leads the six-part dramatic series with Paul Walter Hauser, Greg Kinnear and Ray Liotta also starring. (Apple TV Plus, July 8, episodes weekly)

“The Anarchists”

Edmonton entrepreneur and capitalist-anarchist Jeff Berwick attracted all sorts of characters to his Acapulco, Mexico conference “Anarchapulco“ starting in 2015. Sold as an event where citizens could brainstorm effective ways to dismantle the current system and live without government, his small community of libertarians, families and U.S. fugitives quickly found their tropical paradise sliding into disarray. Captured over six years, the six-episode documentary series explores the limits of a stateless society. (Crave, July 10, episodes weekly)


Neil Patrick Harris plays a New York real estate broker who, on the night of throwing his boyfriend’s surprise 50th birthday party, learns he’s being dumped after 17 years. Drifting into the world of singledom in his 40s, he discovers that many things have changed and letting go is easier said than done. The comedy series comes from Darren Star, creator of “Sex and the City” and “Emily in Paris.” (Netflix, July 29)


“No Time to Die” – Daniel Craig returns as James Bond for one final mission. (Crave, July 1)

“Sorry For Your Loss” – Elizabeth Olsen plays a woman who discovers her husband was harbouring many secrets before his death. (CBC Gem, July 3, episodes weekly)

“Boo, Bitch” – Two high school besties get the shock of a lifetime when one of them dies and comes back as a ghost in this candy-coloured comedy series. (Netflix, July 8)

“How to Build a Sex Room” – Home makeover shows take a saucy turn when British designer Melanie Rose creates spaces with a mind for pleasure. (Netflix, July 8)

“SkyMed” – A team of air ambulance nurses and pilots in northern Manitoba face the trials and tribulations of balancing their jobs and personal life. (CBC Gem, July 10)

“The Bob’s Burgers Movie” – A sinkhole threatens to devour the Belcher family’s beloved restaurant. (Disney Plus, July 12)

“Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” – A new generation of “Little Liars” live in the shadow of the parents’ actions two decades earlier. (Crave, July 28, episodes weekly)

RETURNING SHOWS: Netflix wraps up season 4 of “Stranger Things” on July 1 with two super-sized episodes that each run as long as a feature film. Also on the service, season 4 of romantic drama “Virgin River” debuts on July 20 and glass-blowing showdown “Blown Away” takes shape on July 22. Over on Apple TV Plus, parenting dramedy “Trying” delivers a third season starting on July 22, while CBC Gem has the second season of teen pregnancy comedy “Bump” on July 29. And Crave goes for a love connection double bill with new seasons of “FBoy Island” on July 14 and the U.S. edition of “Love Island” on July 19, while “Canada’s Drag Race“ welcomes TV personality Traci Melchor as one of the judges in the latest edition of the drag queen competition.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 30, 2022.


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