Keep on ‘slaying’!

People should be wary of viruses in their drinking water.

According to the World Health Organization, harmful pathogens can also be transmitted through water. Some of these viruses include adenovirus, astrovirus, hepatitis A and E viruses, rotavirus, norovirus, and other caliciviruses, and enteroviruses, including coxsackieviruses and polioviruses. Unknowingly consuming contaminated water would lead to numerous health problems, or worse, death — thus the importance of clean and filtered water.

The solution is a handy, versatile water bottle in the form of a Copper UV Bottle.

Mixing functionality and style, the durable, lightweight, and fashionable bottle does not only kill 99.99 percent of the bacteria and viruses swimming in one’s drink but also keeps on “slaying” with its minimalistic and aesthetic design that could complement every outfit and lifestyle.

Keep slaying viruses with the Copper UV Bottle, available at

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