Keeping Filipinas cool, clean fresh and comfortable at all times

It's no secret that heat and sweat are a common complaint among Filipinas. Picture the intense glare of the sun, its rays sending heat waves that can trigger sweat immediately, and the gross, sticky feeling that follows. Just thinking about it makes them feel not-so fresh anymore. Not only is keeping clean and fresh a necessity, it's a way of life. After all, everyone can agree the heat in the country is no joke, especially with the init, lagkit and odor.

Don't let the heat bring mood down, get that icy fresh feeling with pH Care.

Don’t let the heat bring mood down, get that icy fresh feeling with pH Care.

Since the threat of sweat and stickiness is always around the corner, everyone has ways of avoiding that gross feeling. The intense heat calls for multiple showers throughout the day, chugging water every hour, and staying out of the sun. Filipinas especially love feeling clean and fresh because it's a way to feel comfortable and taken cared of. But because of the intense heat, whether indoors or outdoors, things can easily take a turn for the worst. Discomfort from heat, the dampness from sweat, and feeling icky, especially down there—these are just some of the uncomfortable things women experience every day in this heat.

What's a girl to do when she wants to avoid that sticky, lagkit feeling that can make them feel irritated, unclean, and not fresh?

Thankfully, there's pH Care Cooling Comfort to help Filipinas feel comfortable despite the heat and to help keep them clean and fresh everyday with its cooling powers. It has ActiveCool that gives the icy fresh feeling that helps one feel clean and comfortable down there. It has a pH level of 5, which means it's safe and gentle to use every day unlike with harsh soaps. It also has pH Care OdorProTech, which wards off odor that can develop in damp, sweaty spaces. Plus, it's delicately scented with a Mint Fresh fragrance.

To get that clean feeling, log on to Shopee or Lazada to purchase pH Care Cooling Comfort or head to the nearest supermarket or drugstore.

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