Kim Molina an ‘important actress of her era’ -Darryl Yap

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF VIVA FILMS THE movie is also the first on-screen pairing of real-life couple Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles.

Three things about her upcoming film reveal why Kim Molina is an actor to watch in this generation: first, the film was created for her; second, her director wrote the story with the sole intention of “torturing” her; and third, she could prove that she is, indeed, “not just an actor, but an artist.”


kim and Jerald are considered ‘real and intelligent’ by director Darryl Yap.

That is how her director, Darryl Yap, describes the thespian, singer and host.

“Lagi kong sinasabi yan sa kanya: huwag kang papayag na sabihan ka lagi nang artista, in the sense na flashy lights napapanood sa TV (I always tell her that: don’t settle for being called an actor, in just the glamorized sense).

“Mas malalim si Kim dun, si Kim ay alagad ng sining, siya ay really kumakanta, sumasayaw inihuhulog nya ang sarili nya sa bangin sa ngalan ng pelikula na walang pagiimbot (Kim has more depth, she is an artist. She can sing, dance, she can even jump off a cliff in the name of acting without any hesitation),” he laughs.

“Kaya tiwala ako na Kim really is an important actress of her era. Kim is not a discovery but a late realization of the industry. Matagal na siyang andyan — they didn’t just realize because they are just being blinded by commercial luster and the film industry in our country is very predictable,” Yap declares.

To which Kim Molina, self-confessed “maramdamin (easily reacts),” could only stare in stunned silence.

Made for Kim

“This film was tailor-made for her because Viva asked for another Kim Molina movie,” Yap revealed in a recent media briefing.

Yap directed the comedy Jowable starring Kim, which was hailed as a “surprisingly heartfelt and cinematic masterpiece” by MC Movie Review and “funny to a fault” by Rappler, in 2019.

Jowable was a major leap for the theater actor and singer Kim Molina into the world of film and, in no time, she was handed another plum role in Ang Babaeng Walang Pakiramdam (ABWP).

Yap said when he thought of the story, he wanted to create a character that would prove most challenging for Kim. Because they have been friends since their theater days, he knew she was a very expressive person, someone who reacted to everything very easily.

And so Tasha, who doesn’t feel a thing and cannot react to anything like everyone else, was born.

Controversial role

Kim plays Tasha, a woman diagnosed with congenital insensitivity to pain. She is “incapable of feeling pain — be it physical or emotional pain,” her condition is described.

When she meets Ngongo (Jerald), he becomes the “instrument that enables her to feel again, especially the joys of love and pains of heartache.”

Jerald playing a man with a cleft palate had earlier led to questions on political correctness.

Yap, who also wrote the story, calmly assures that there is a very good reason for such a character to play a major part in the story, and that, while cliche, he calls on people to watch the movie before passing judgment.

The 33-year-old director from Zambales had also helmed the controversial film Tililing, another Viva Films release. It tackled mental illness as a theme.

“The main challenge is how the audience will accept the ending because it’s nothing they’ve ever seen before,” Yap tells the Daily Tribune. “‘Yun lang ang akin, at ako as a friend, proud na proud ako sa dalawang ito (That’s all there is for me, and that as a friend, I am really proud of these two). I got the ending I like. I showed it to the boss, they were shocked and they said it’s an expressive cast.”

“Whenever I do films I am always focused in the actor so when I saw a chance to challenge Kim — to see her ‘suffer’ by being unable to laugh at Jerald’s antics or show any emotion at all — the next challenge for me was to put the whole movie together. It became a puzzle for me to figure out how to end it because a normal Filipino movie would end differently — and that’s all I have to say about it.”

Ang Babaeng Walang Pakiramdam will stream exclusively on Vivamax on11 June. Presented by Viva Films. Subscribe now to or download the Vivamax app on Google Play and watch all you can for only P149.

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