Kitchen Hacks: Organize your kitchen to efficiently utilize your space

LIFE is much easier when you have easy and quick access to items that you need around your kitchen. Remain stress-free by creating an efficient kitchen space with these handy and useful organizers that you need right now for your kitchen and fridge.

Interdesign Linus Cutlery Tray Organzier

Home Basics Adjustable Sink Organizer 2-Tier Adjustable Under Sink O

Home Basics 2-Tier Dish Drainer

Home Basics 3-Tier Can Organizer

1. Cutlery holder

Cutleries are used on a daily basis. They are used for cooking, prepping and eating. Save yourself the trouble of finding the right utensil and keep them organized and separated by category in cutlery holders. These can easily fit in your drawers for easier access and ensuring cleaner usage as well.

2. Under-sink organizer

A place in the kitchen that is often overlooked is under the sink. Utilize your unused space and place an organizer underneath the sink to keep items you want to hide from children and pets. You can safely store chemicals, dishwashing soaps, disinfectants and other hazardous kitchens essentials.

3. 2-tier dish rack

With the everyday dishwashing task, it is essential to find a place to store your dinnerware more efficiently. Place a 2-tier dish rack beside the sink to save you less time carrying them around in different storages while also leaving them to dry. This type of dish rack also allows you to drain excess water leaving no stagnant water underneath for too long.

4. 3-tier can organizer

Utilize all the space in your fridge with 3-tier can organizers. These allow you to store up to 18 soda cans without filling up the whole space in the fridge. It will help you to better manage your fridge items and easily determine their expiration dates.

Home Basics Seasoning Rack

Homebasix 5-Drawer Storage Trolley

Home Basics 5-Tier Otd Pantry Organizer

Heim Glass Jar W/ Wood Lid

5. Seasoning rack

When cooking, one of the most common challenges is finding all the condiments and spices you'll be using. Keep them all in one place without the hassle of checking every single bottle out with an elevated seasoning rack. This rack will provide you enough height to easily sight the spice you're looking for, saving you more time and effort. It can also fit inside drawers for lesser clutter around your kitchen space.

6. Storage trolley

Aside from keeping your kitchen items, you can also store your non-perishable goods in a storage trolley. It will help you grab all your needed ingredients in one go and save yourself the space as well as the hassle of checking out every cabinet looking for every component.

7. 5-tier OTD pantry organizer

If you're looking for an effective way to utilize every space in your kitchen, hang a 5-tier over-the-door pantry organizer. This organizer provides you extra space where you can easily store a great number of kitchen tools, accessories, and other non-perishable food. It is made with high-grade stainless steel that can carry heavyweight objects.

8. 3-pc glass canister with wooden lid

Apart from the efficiency an organized kitchen provides, it also offers an aesthetic that is truly appealing to the eyes. Store your everyday condiments like sugar and cream in a 3-piece glass canister with wooden lids. These jars come in a metal basket for an uncluttered look and easier mobility.

Home Basics Bag Saver

Home Basics Scroll Collection Wall Mount Kitchen Paper Towel

Frigidaire Fridge Bin

Chilled Serving Bowl Set

9. Plastic bag saver

One of the best hacks in every grocery shopping is saving the plastic bag for other uses like garbage bags. Neatly store all your unused plastics in a wall-mounted plastic bag saver. It is made from high-quality stainless steel that ensures longevity and comes with two openings for easier access.

10. Wall-mounted 2-in-1 organizer

If you're someone who likes to keep all surfaces in the kitchen spick-and-span, install a wall-mounted 2-in-1 organizer. This metal organizer can hold both your kitchen essentials and your paper towels without taking too much space.

11. Fridge Bin

To maximize your space in the fridge, store your food in bins. These organizers are ergonomically designed to be stackable to utilize every inch of the fridge without risking food contamination. It also allows you to categorize your food making it easier to navigate through the fridge.

12. Serving Bowl Set

Thoughtfully designed to carry a variety of food, this serving bowl set comes with 4 partitions that allow you to serve different types of dishes in one bowl. Washing the bowl is also more convenient since it can be easily removed. It also comes with a dipping cup in the middle, two serving pieces that hook onto the rim, a lid, and an added storage underneath. It is made from durable crystal clear acrylic which makes it food safe as well.

Frigidaire Chilled Condiment Server 6L

Home Basics Storage Basket

Home Basics Bread Box/Storage

Home Basics Cast Iron Napkin Holder Series Kitchen Paper Towel Holder

13. Condiment Server

This condiment server is an ideal partner during gatherings and meals since it can hold up to four types of dips, toppings, condiments, salsa or even ice cream. It comes with an ice compartment in the bottom to keep the food cool and fresh.

14. Storage basket

Ideal for all-around storage, this basket is made of rust-resistant vinyl-coated steel that ensures its high-standard quality. It helps you keep your pantry organized and easier to grab since it comes with a partial opening that also serves as a handle.

15. Bread box

This stainless steel bread box is ideal storage for all your favorite baked confections while also preserving its freshness and aromatic flavors. It is also designed with a small circular window that lets you see the inside while the roll-up lid makes it easier for you to grab your stored food.

16. Napkin Holder

Keep your paper towels clean, safe, and dry with napkin holders made from heavyweight cast iron steel. It is a rust-resistant material that can be placed on kitchen counters and even in bathrooms. This napkin holder includes a sidebar for more convenient towel ripping as well.

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