Korean hotdog invasion

KooKoo’s Dou-dogs are inspired by the Korean street food that comes in different variants: Dou-dog Mozzarella, Squid dog Mozzarella and Sou-dog with Potato. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF KOOKOO

Good news for foodies: The latest Korean street food trend, Gamja hotdog, is now in the Philippines — and if you’re having a difficult time finding one, now it is just a phone call away and you can bite into it, wherever you are, three hours after you make that call.

KooKoo, a virtual food store, brings the Korean street food to Manila in the form of its very own Dou-dogs (short for “dough-hotdogs”). They are Korean-style corndogs, which are significantly bigger than the traditional American corndogs. Basically hotdogs on wooden sticks, they also have a “rougher” finish because they are coated, not with cornmeal batter, but with bread dough batter, rolled in diced potato, which is lightly pressed to make it adhere to the batter, then rolled in Japanese breadcrumbs to fill in the space, and deep-fried in hot oil until golden brown. Other variants of Dou-dogs skip the diced potato coating and are fully coated with Japanese breadcrumbs for a slightly smoother finish.

Speaking of variants, KooKoo’s Dou-dogs come in five variants — Dou-dogs Hotdog, Dou-dogs Mozzarella, Dou-dogs Combo (hotdog and mozzarella), Dou-dogs with Potatoes, Squid Dogs with Hotdogs and Squid Dogs with Cheddarella. The first four are made with regular dough, while the last two are made with a special squid ink dough with wheat flour.

These are Korean flavors that have gained popularity as a substantial street food not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world where everything Korean is fashionable. It is one food trend that came out of the pandemic and started becoming popular a few months ago.

In the Philippines, the research and development team of KooKoo, which is a subsidiary brand of Midnight Bakers, got wind of the emerging food trend in Korea some three months ago. Seeing it as something unique and out of the box from the usual bread offerings, the team decided to carry the product and immediately started formulating and kitchen-testing its own versions. After three tries and the usual taste tests, the Dou-dogs were rolled out and included in the menu, and, as expected, orders started pouring in.

Incidentally, it was the Dou-dogs Combo (which has hotdog and mozzarella cheese fillings) variant that the team perfected, and all the other variants emanated from it. When all six variants hit the menu, Dou-dogs Combo emerged as the best-seller — perhaps because it is the most familiar and combines two fillings in one corndog. It thus presents itself as a comfort food. But two months on, and the other variants are gaining as much popularity as the Dou-dogs Combo.

Since KooKoo is a virtual food store that operates a cloud kitchen, orders are prepared as they come in and dispatched for delivery immediately after. So they arrive hot and fresh within a maximum time period of three hours after an order is made by calling 0917-6267211. Each Dou-dog is priced between P100 and P120, depending on the variant, and customers can choose how many pieces of each variant they want, with a minimum order of five sticks in a box required.

The Dou-dogs are delivered hot and plain, without pipings of ketchup and mustard that usually accompany the Korean Gamja-hotdog to keep the crust crispy. They are so flavorful that they do not need condiments at all, but by all means drizzle them with all the works if desired. They are also best eaten when hot, but can keep for three days in the refrigerator and just reheat before consumption.

Now you know where to get your Korean corndog whenever you crave for it.

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