Kylie Padilla pens emotional poem for dad Robin

Kylie Padilla pens emotional poem for dad Robin

Kylie Padilla pens emotional poem for dad Robin

MANILA, Philippines — Kapuso actress Kylie Padilla penned an emotional poem for her dad Robin Padilla who recently celebrated his 52nd birthday.

In her Instagram account, Kylie posted a photo of her hugging her dad.

“Writing about you, I would have to do with the most expensive kind of ink. Irreplaceable, you knew me when I could not yet even think. And you taught me to give life’s battle a good effing fight. And I fight with all the strength I have,” Kylie began.

“I know you in ways even I don’t understand, yet. It’s in the way we go quiet when we are sad, it’s loud. It’s in the way that we don’t speak, but we feel it. And the way I try to find you in people that I seek. It’s how I find comfort in just one touch. In an embrace I waited so long to grasp. For a moment I felt like I lost something. A something, a thing that only you could bring and it would be enough Wounds have their own way of healing,” she added.

At the end of the letter, Kylie thanked Robin for being a father to her.

"And time is where it finds it’s truest meaning. In all the things I cannot say. All the games I no longer want to play. It’s the return to a girl I needed to face. I don’t want any precious memories to go to waste,” she said.

“So with this ink, I rewrite the story. One where I am thankful and I am sorry. I think it’s what you call maturity. Or maybe only now do I understand how your prayers protected me. Love is a beautiful thing once it sets you free. So today I would just like to thank you for being a father to me. Happy birthday pa,” she added.

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