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Lakbay Norte: Adventure, food trip in Bulacan

MANILA, Philippines — Apart from being a historical place, Bulacan has been usually known as the first province in the north after Metro Manila.

It usually was just a place to pass by to reach Northern provinces.

Little did people know, Bulacan offers adventures and delicacies, making the province also a worthy tourist destination.

Philstar.com was recently invited by NLEX on a Bulacan trip. Here are some Bulacan destinations to check out on your next adventure and food trip:

Pulong Kabyawan

@jmilsev22 Pulong Kabyawan #fyp#nlexlakbaynorte? Feel Good – Tundra Beats

Located in Pulilan, guests can experience provincial life in Pulong Kabyawan Agricultural Farm. The farm claims to be the first-ever protected, community-based agri-ecotourism herigate zone in the province. It also has a small museum that houses historical artifacts.

Calle Jose

@jmilsev22 Calle Jose #nlexlakbaynorte#fyp? Pump It – The Black Eyed Peas

Hidden in Baliwag, Calle Jose is considered as one of the best restaurants in Bulacan. They are serving a variety of cuisines such as Crispy Tuna Panga, Beef Bulgogi, Roast Beef, Pandan Chicken, and Tres Leches, to name a few.

SM Pulilan Dirt Track


SM City Pulilan motocross track

? Fighters – OctaSounds

Motocross riders can have a fun day here in SM Pulilan Dirt Track. Last year, it was the venue for the 1st Motul Invitational Motocross race.

Baliwag Grocer Cafe

@jmilsev22 Baliwag Grocer Cafe #fyp#nlexlakbaynorte? Do Wah Diddy Diddy – The Surphonics

Millenials will surely have a great day dining in this place in Baliwag with Instagramable designs. Apart from its aesthetics, their food such as the BG Breakfast Tower, pastas, salad and their frappes are tasty.

My Cabin by Selah

@jmilsev22 My Cabin by Selah #nlexlakbaynorte#fyp? Island In The Sun – Weezer

After a long day of exploring Bulacan, guests can have a relaxing night in My Cabin by Selah nestled in the heart of Bustos. Each cabin showcases different themes suitable for your preferred experience. All of the cabins have their own private pools, so it will be surely an enjoyable stay.

Steak and Arrows

@jmilsev22 Steak and Arrows #fyp#nlexlakbaynorte? Starving – Hailee Steinfeld & Grey

Bulacan residents don't need to go to Manila to have fine dining meals, thanks to this restaurant in Sta Maria. The restaurant offers steaks, pastas as well as archery for diners while waiting for their meals.

Sta. Maria Dairy Yoghurt

@jmilsev22 Sta Maria Dairy Yoghurt #nlexlakbaynorte#fyp? For Kids – V_Production

Owned by the Catmon Multipurpose Cooperative, the Sta. Maria Dairy supplies delicious yoghurt in different supermarkets around the country.

Jennie's Chicharon

@jmilsev22 Jennie's Chickaron in Sta Maria Bulacan. #fyp#nlexlakbaynorte? Lil Boo Thang – Paul Russell

As the country's so-called "chicharon capital," Sta Maria houses different chicharon manufacturers. One of the best chicharon in the province is Jennie's Chicharon, with decades in the industry. They offer back fat, semi-back fat, Walang Laman and Bucheron chicharon.

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Credit belongs to : www.philstar.com

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