‘Lampas Langit’ preems today

Every love story is like a novel. Whether it has a feel-good vibe or a twisted plot, a smooth flow or a messed-up storyline, a happy or tragic ending, every story is unique, riveting, and worth remembering.

Christine Bermas from ‘Lampas Langit.’ INSTAGRAM PHOTO/CHRISTINEBERMAS

Christine Bermas from ‘Lampas Langit.’ INSTAGRAM PHOTO/CHRISTINEBERMAS

Today, a beautifully written and intriguing love story will be shared as Lampas Langit exclusively premieres on Vivamax.

A Vivamax Original Movie, Lampas Langit is a romance-thriller film starring Christine Bermas, Baron Geisler, Ricky Davao, Chloe Jenna, Ivan Padilla, Milana Ikemoto and Quinn Carrillo.

It follows the story of Jake (Baron Geisler), a struggling writer who's also having a hard time keeping his marriage afloat with Mylene (Chloe Jenna). In the condominium where they live, Jake meets his literary idol and famous novelist, Arman (Ricky Davao), and a young, attractive woman named Belle (Christine Bermas), who they thought as Arman's daughter. Jake gets closer to Belle, immediately falls for her, and begins to have an affair.

Arman and Mylene will eventually know about this secret affair, and soon enough, all the other secrets drop like bombs, including Arman and Belle's true identities.

These unexpected mishaps leave Jake confused and wondering. But what seems like a loose end becomes tied into a perfect bow when it is put together that right from the start, everything is a part of a big elaborate plan, like a perfectly written novel.

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