Lapillus – an all girl K-Pop group with a lovely Pinay touch

Former ABS-CBN talent Chantal Videla (second from right) is one of the ladies of Lapillus.

Former ABS-CBN talent Chantal Videla (second from right) is one of the ladies of Lapillus.

Let me come clean at the outset. I've never been a K-Pop fan, save for a dose of BTS' “Dynamite” every now and then and Black Pink's “Pink Venom” lately (because I like the part that goes, “Brra-ta-ta-ta, trra-ta-ta-ta.” I sing it real loud whenever it comes on the radio until my boys cringe and wail, “Stop it Mom!”).

But just last Monday, an all new South Korean girl group called Lapillus caught my attention and I may keep it there for a bit more time. Two reasons why: first is because one of the six lovely ladies was once an ABS-CBN artist (represent!) and two, because young as the group is — having only launched in June — they unanimously chose the Philippines as their first overseas destination.

“I have to say, for choosing our country for your first foreign tour, we should always have a special place for you ladies in our hearts,” I actually told them at their media presentation.

“Can you tell us, why did you choose to come to Manila before any place else?” I asked, next.

Shana, the group's Japanese leader, replied through an interpreter, how they knew about the growing response they've been getting from Filipinos.

“The first reason we chose the Philippines is because we really know that we have a lot of Filipino fans supporting us here,” Shana emphasized.

She then acknowledged co-member Chantal Videla, better known as Chanty in the group, has a lot to do with the K-Pop group's popularity given her half-Filipno-half Argentinean roots.

“She would always talk about the Philippines to us,” Shana continued. “She even told me about ube before because it was the same color as hair dye. Now that I've tried it here, it's so good!”

Thanks to Chanty indeed, many Filipinos are already familiar the group's debut single, “Hit Ya!” even if they just arrived last weekend.

Asked how she feels returning to the country as part of a full fledged K-Pop group, Chanty said, “I have so many words to describe how I feel right now, but I'm just really, really happy that I get to promote 'Hit Ya!' and promote our group here in the Philippines, my home country. It's really an honor for me.”

Making the most of their lengthy visit to Manila, a two-week promotional will ensue with more media conferences, appearances on local TV shows and photoshoots.

The group will also will hold fan meets at Market! Market! in Taguig and Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces in Quezon City on September 10 and 11, respectively.

Asked where they're headed to after the Philippines, the girls said they would love to go to the US and Shana's motherland of Japan to bring their music there.

Finally, Lapillus is scheduled to drop a new single, titled “Gratata,” on September 22, and I hope to still be into them by then.

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