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Nature-based serums

Nacific continues to develop its arsenal of research-backed cosmetics to be able to provide products using healthy ingredients obtained through nature.

Among its latest innovations are the Fresh Herb Origin Line, Phyto Niacin Whitening Line and Real Floral Line.

The Fresh Herb Origin Serum, which sold more than one million bottles worldwide, is a bi-phase serum that contains Sepicalm and Pore-Complex3 that helps minimize the pores and improves skin texture.

Nacific also teamed up with the K-Pop boy group Stray Kids.

According to Kim Hyung-min, CEO of Nacific, “Stray Kids’ healthy and bright energy fits well with the brand concept of Nacific, which pursues natural beauty.”

The Nacific x Stray Kids collaboration launched on 7 September via online shopping events on its official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

Besides huge discounts, shoppers took home a piece of Stray Kids’ free photo cards that were sold out within 48 hours.


Retinol routine that cares

Retinol has become the gold standard when it comes to achieving a healthy, youthful skin, thanks to its proven anti-aging effects. Due to its efficacy, retinol use takes some time for the skin to get used to.

And to help make youth come easier, gentler for more skincare devotees, global beauty brand Mary Kay launches a new solution that unlocks the routine to make using retinol gentle for everyone’s skin.

The brand’s two-piece set Clinical Solutions is made to care for the skin while transforming it with the spring of youth.

The set includes the Mary Kay Clinical Solutions Retinol 0.5, a nighttime serum, and the Mary Kay Clinical Solutions Calm + Restore Facial Milk which is formulated to soothe the skin.

Mary Kay Clinical Solutions Retinol 0.5 is powered by pure, high-concentration retinol that reverses visible signs of aging and protects the skin from aging marks that aren’t yet seen.

Mary Kay Clinical Solutions Calm + Restore Facial Milk is a restorative and soothing post-retinol product that delivers instant hydration due to the four plant oils infusion.

Mary Kay shares that its Clinical Solutions combo works best when applied using the eight-week retinization.

Retinol is slowly introduced to one’s everyday skincare routine, starting with

once-a-week application. Gradually, retinol is applied with more frequency week after week to ensure that the skin is acclimated and prepped to enjoy the potency of this anti-aging wonder.

Gentle care for the intimate area

Human Nature continues to increase its efforts to minimize and, eventually, eliminate plastic.


It introduces its latest waterless innovation to battle the plastic bottle — the Feminine Wash Bar.

The Feminine Wash Bar is infused with natural ingredients including Mangosteen extract to control odor and bacteria, chamomile to prevent itchiness and virgin coconut oil to prevent dry skin.

Its 95.11-percent natural formula is gentle yet effectively cleans with a feminine floral fresh scent. It is also pH-balanced because it falls within the normal pH level of your intimate area which is below 4.5, to help maintain your vaginal health.

The Fem Bar is free of parabens, PEGs, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and EDTA. Care for your intimate area while minimizing plastic and being kind to our planet.

#SwitchToSolidGoodness today.

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