Laughter & happiness

Depression is a leading cause of death in this super-fast evolving world we live in, that is gravely aggravated by this globally-threatening pandemic. Fortunately, it has its best antidote: laughter and a positive mindset. When one laughs, it releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel good hormones… making a person feel good and happy. Laughter is the sound of happiness.

With laughter, we learn to take things we cannot change in stride. Learn to roll with life’s punches by looking on the positive, good side of life. Focus on things and people that make us smile, even laugh, hat make us more appreciative of what and how we are.

Bearing in mind that difficulties shall come to pass. Trials and difficulties, like rains and storms, are but passing seasons of life.

Laughter lifts the spirits. Couple it with long, deep breathing and, voila, the world is fine, you feel better again. For when you laugh, you change; when you change, the world around you changes. Laughter banishes worries and everything that bugs the mind. You cannot laugh and at the same time worry and think. Laughter is a blessing available to each one of us. Hahahappy …

Peace, good health, safety and abundance to us.

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