Let’s do oats!

The holidays are over, and it's the perfect time to get back into healthier lifestyles. Still, there's no reason why families shouldn't feel —and taste — that Christmas spirit with still delicious, better-for-you food this New Year.

A good idea is to turn to Quaker Oat, which has seven times more fiber, versus long-grain white rice, which aids digestion and powers up your day. It also has Beta-Glucan, which helps lower cholesterol levels.

When meals are created with this good stuff, you will change the way you think about healthy food not being tasty in 2023. Now you can indulge in holiday eating outside the holidays with less guilt.

Oats Chocolate Muffin

Oats Chocolate Muffin

Oats Chocolate Muffin


1/3 cup Quaker Rolled Oats

1 cup flour

1/2 cup chocolate

1/3 cup margarine

1/4 cup milk

1 egg

3.5g baking powder

A pinch of salt


Melt margarine in the microwave oven. Add milk and egg. In a bowl, using a fork or a whisk, mix flour, oats, sugar, baking powder and salt. Combine these two preparations together slowly to avoid clumps. Add the semi-sweet chocolate chips to the mixture. Fill 3/4 of the molds and bake for 15-20 minutes at 200°C.

Best paired with your favorite cup of coffee. Yields four to six muffins.

* * *

Oats & Tuna Mushroom Risotto

Oats & Tuna Mushroom Risotto

Oats & Tuna Mushroom Risotto


Serves 1 big tray

2 cups Quaker Rolled Oats

4 cups broth (can be vegetable, pork or chicken)

1 cup fresh or canned mushrooms

1 can tuna

1/2 onion

7 sprigs of spring onion

Salt (as needed)

Pepper (as needed)

*Mushrooms can be substituted by any other vegetable


In a saucepan, simmer chopped onions, spring onions, and mushrooms together until translucent, then add tuna.

In another saucepan, put oats and slowly add the broth (around half a cup each time) until the consistency is thick but flowing.

Combine tuna mix and oats risotto. Serve in a big tray and garnish with spring onion.

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